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in which the big ugly american can’t find the laundry

in which the big ugly american can’t find the laundry

For the longest time i couldn’t find the laundry place.  i must have really looked rather silly wandering around with two plastic bags filled with dirty clothes.  or maybe i just look silly all the time.  that’s a very real possibility.

right now i’ve been here for a little over a week, and it’s really strange, because it feels both very long and very short.  i’m only in beijing for a little bit longer before we hope on a train early sunday morning and start traveling the country.  i…have a lot of work to do before i leave.  and apparently this plug isn’t actually working because my computer is not charging.  which means i only have like…two minutes before it dies.  i’ll probably not be able to post much more until i can find a plug…which i thought i had found, but apparently it’s not functional.  which is weird.  who has plugs around just to look cool?

i don’t, and i do not approve…

btw, i’m on the top of a roof in the hutong district of beijing.  in a tibetan cafe.  with a dead computer.  sorry folks.  adios!

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