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‘Ello Chaps!

‘Ello Chaps!

Hello there from across the pond!

It’s been a week and a half since arriving and already there have been so many adventures.

Despite the nagging exhaustion of jet-lag the first few days, the other students of the Fordham London Centre program and I wasted no time setting out to explore the beautiful city.


After some brief orientation to our housing and on-site campus at Heythrop College in Kensington, we set out in groups to explore the city’s best and most famous pubs.  Of course, there was a bit of drinking, but many of us were much more excited to see the exquisite landmarks of the city.


To say we do a lot of walking is an understatement!  The London Dramatic Academy, the program I am involved in, is housed 20 minutes from campus.  And even though it would be easier most days (especially the rainy ones) to ride the bus, walking is really the best way to see many of the beauties of London.  However, the double-decker bus also offers a pretty spectacular view of the city.

And I can’t forget about the tube!  It has already been a most important for transporting me to theaters on the South bankside of London.  The other LDA students and I have already been able to visit the Rose and Globe theatre, two theatre known specifically for their relationship to Shakespeare.  We also attended a performance of Behind the Beautiful Forevers at the National Theatre.

Along with visits famous theatrical landmarks and walks around areas such as Kensington Gardens, we also have classes.  Unlike typical study abroad programs, LDA is a rigorous conservatory.  We meet five days a week, usually from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our classes include acting, Shakespeare, physical movement, period dance, speech and dialect, voice, dramatic criticism, stage combat, and various workshops throughout the semester.

Even though the schedule is demanding and often exhausting, the first week has been enlightening, fun and by far one of the most involved theatrical experiences of my life.

I could go on and on about all of the wonderful things we have gotten to do in the last several days, but I will refrain for now.  There will be more to expound upon in the next weeks I am sure as I continue my British explorations.

So for now, Cheerio!


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