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And we’ve landed!

And we’ve landed!

Hello from my new home! Through the irritating jetlag, I write to you announcing I arrived safely and soundly in Italia.

The last couple of days have been a blur. It feels like freshman year of college again but with Europe and without the annoying icebreaker games your RAs force you to play. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING from neighborhood to the day to day routine, seems new and exciting. With the prospect of Rome waiting for me upon landing, the plane ride itself wasn’t even horrible. Those of you who went to London with me know that if I’m good at one thing, it is sleeping whenever and wherever I can. Out of the 9 hours we were in the air, I’m quite sure my eyes were closed for 8 of them. I woke up to ask for a glass of wine during the flight and was denied…regrettable but not exactly surprising for Loyola. And though one of my friends was not so lucky, all of my bags were waiting for me at the airport – very reassuring to know I would not be  judged in the land of Armani and Gucci for having to repeat the same outfit everyday until my luggage was recovered.

The first Italian conversation i witnessed was by my friend Megan. When walking to the buses that would take us to our new home, we were forced to awkwardly navigate the crowded, cobblestone streets. Even the quick “Scusi!” and “Prego” exchange seemed entertaining and exotic.

Now that I’ve been at my dorm for about a day, I’d say that the process of acclimation to the new surroundings is going well. The room that Betsy and I share is small but appropriate for the amount of time we will be spending there. However, technology has been turning against us since our arrival. If it’s not the lights which stubbornly refused to turn on for the first several hours, it’s the shower that unexpectedly turns off without provocation. But the biggest technological issue to get used to would have to be the absence of a phone. Though I should be receiving one in the next couple of days, I feel naked and awkward getting by without the certainty a quick text brings.

Despite minor complications, it is impossible to be in a bad mood. Leaving the snowstorm of Chicago and arriving in wonderful Spring weather was more than appealing. Being surrounded by vespas and different dialects everywhere I turn shows me that I am truly not in Wisco anymore. I just had my Italian Survival Language course. It reviewed basic language and taught me that I can’t just “go ciao-ing all over the place” (the words of my professor) because of cultural differences. That will be useful to know for when I explore the city further later tonight.

I already love it here and hope to have time to update everyone again soon! Arrivederci readers.

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