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a little taste of home

a little taste of home

ok, for the life of me, i couldn’t figure out why i was typing and NOTHING was showing up.

apparently my font was white.  what the?  anyways….i am currently ingesting a food from home…but not the typical american stuff.  i guess i did just eat a rice burger (read: seaweed with rice, egg, meat patty, and then more rice and then ends with seaweed), but that’s not really american.  it will be served at some point in the summer when it’s my turn to cook, so beware, family.

the food is….khong guan butter coconut biscuits!  i was gonna get the sultana….but then i figured i can eat those when in the fall, but i can’t eat these because they have coconut (and i don’t want celi to die).  mmmmmm…good stuff.

BUT, we went to the beijing opera house tonight, and the opera was fun!  granted, it wasn’t the most inspired drama i’ve ever witnessed, but the experience was good in general.  we had to check in our cameras and any liquids before we could get to the auditorium, though, but i managed to get everything back just as i had left it.  and, on that note, i bought a rather large container, i think it’s two litres, of green tea at seven/eleven yesterday and brought it around with me.  i got some weird looks from people as i proceeded to drink straight from the bottle….but at least i was never thirsty today, which may be more than many people could say.  yeah, i may look silly, but i’m not having a syncoptic episode due to dehydration.

aaaaaaaand…i need to shower.  perhaps more afterwards…and i have no pictures because some client won’t let me upload things more than 1mb big.  so i plead innocent.


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