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A December Update: Academics

A December Update: Academics

Things have be so busy lately! With school and trying to be the best, tourist on a budget ever, I’ve managed to stay on my toes always. Since the last week of November though, there has especially been less time to breathe and think.

Due dates are coming and finals are just next week. I leave in TEN. DAYS. I don’t know if I’m stressed or in denial but work and social responsibilities are social responsibilities are piling quite high.

Let’s break this down a bit. In most of Europe, there is very little coursework until the last month of school. This is the time to give final presentations, turn in essays, and take the one test that defines your grade for the whole semester. Delightful.

Starting November 22, I presented for Web Design and Digital Storytelling, where I was tasked to create a blog about anything, design a page, research the market of the topic, see what it’s potential could be, and more. As a journalism major back in Chicago, I’ve have many assignments like this, but City Markets was a more fun, exploratory experience.

The following week, my Power Without Responsibility class gave a presentation on Social Media acting as a news source. Shoutout to every person with an iPhone, iPad or Laptop in front of you instead of a newspaper to check in on the world. We feel you. This class also has a final and exam due in 5 days. I am counting down with anxiety and writing this post instead of doing research. Everything will happen in time (I hope)!

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