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A Day Trip to Arles

A Day Trip to Arles

We awoke bright and early so that we could depart at 8am sharp; away from Aix we traveled!  

We walked by many different sights

From historical to modern

We wandered through the Roman Amphitheatre where gladiators and bull fights historically took place…then it was off to the Ancient Roman Theater for plays, musicals and modern concerts.

Though the Roman Amphitheatre in particular provided great opportunities for photos!

Yet the Roman Theater provided an awesome obstacle course of architectural relics!

Taking a much needed break from the heat, we descended into the earth to visit un cryptoportique; which is basically an ancient Roman cellar. But boy was I freaked out by the different shadows!

And at the very last minute, after souvenir shopping and eating my way through the never-ending market, I quickly shot an adorable photo for Desalina!

…but before we could leave Arles entirely, we had to make one more stop: To the Musée départemental Arles antique! 

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