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That Italian Life!!!

That Italian Life!!!

Its been three weeks as of today living in Italy. Its taken so much adjusting its crazy. I don’t think I’ve truly felt like I live in Italy until today.

I got a job.

Two actually.

Monday I started interning at The Roman Guy in their Marketing and Social Media department. I was so nervous the first day I thought I might die. I didn’t. I had a bit of trouble getting there because the office is located in a part of Travestere Rome that I’ve never explored before. When I got there my boss showed me to my desk where the team had laid out a map of the best places in Rome to go for food, drinks, and fun, three bracelets along with a bag with their logo written on it. She offered me some water and espresso and showed me my schedule for the first week. It was all very pleasant and laid back as long as I get my work done of course. I think I was more so astounded that I’m allowed to listen to music on the job and given a proper work space. My job is essentially to boost internet traffic through their social

media sites by 20% by April. I don’t anticipate that being incredibly difficult since their sites are ideal for finding amazing spots all around Rome. The whole process of dressing business casual, taking the metro, drinking espresso, and working for a Rome based company makes me feel more local than a tourist the longer I’m here. Every Thursday, everyone in the office does Thirsty Thursday and has a glass of wine together to boost morale. It really takes the pressure off working throughout the week. My main task as of now is to create my own schedule to produce content to post in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook throughout the week. I’m loving the creative freedom and the opportunity to produce unique content to help the company grow.


Today, after attending the Papal Audience,my group of friends and I headed to HomeBaked (Via Fratelli Bonnet, 21, 00152 Roma RM) for the second time in two weeks. Its easily becoming my home away from home. Its the only place I’ve found that has coffee I

could cry tears of pure joy. The owner’s name is Jesse and knows me by name now. He’s from Buffalo, Ne

w York. He studied abroad here as an International Studies major and just never left. Its been 15 years. The most important part of living in Rome and adapting to this new lifestyle is getting into the community and forming meaningful relationships with the people you meet. I know that sounds cliche but its true and its the best part of living here. I want to bring Jesse back a Loyola flag to put on the wall with the rest of his university collection from people who’ve visited and loved it there.

After, I began tutoring two Italian children in English. Pier is 7 and Niccolo is 5. Its only an hour and I learn 20 Euro for the hour I’m tutoring. I read them books, play games in english to build their vocabulary, and get them used to hearing English from a native speaker. Its tricky because they’re different ages and have different language competencies. I really enjoy it though. Getting into the community and helping out also makes feel like I’m part of it. Whoever is reading this, if you get the opportunity to tutor, take it.


I’m worried I won’t want to go back home by April.


My Internship in Rome (Week 7)

My Internship in Rome (Week 7)

This semester in Rome, I was fortunate enough to get hired as a marketing intern for a company called The Roman Guy. The Roman Guy specializes in various VIP tours of different tourist attractions all around Rome, as well as several local food tours in different areas. As an assignment for my class ROST 370, I am required to reflect on my experience of working as an intern for this company.


This week at The Roman Guy I finished writing an article about St. Peter’s Basilica Dome for our Vatican Tours. After I finish writing, I send it to my boss Francesca and she reviews it before it is finally published to the company’s website. Other tasks that I did this week including finding and posting TripAdvisor reviews to our website, editing a previous Rome Key Attraction article about the Colosseum, researching tactics on how to gain followers for the company’s Instagram account “The Roman Foodie”, and also editing blog posts on WordPress using the blog life cycle as my guideline. Lastly, I was in charge with coming up with six different creative video topics that my co workers can produce for our website, and I had to present them to my coworkers and get their advice and approval for which ones they would decide to use. Previous classroom knowledge has helped me because a lot of what I learned,  like concepts such as tactics for gaining followers and marketing content, in my previous marketing class is being used during this internship as well. Before starting my internship, I created a learning objective that I wanted to achieve by the end of my internship. One of my learning objectives that I have been working towards completing is to learn how to monitor my followers activity involving my content and overall learn how to market my work successfully. I have been working towards achieving this learning objective, because this past week was primarily focused on instagram and how to gain and interact with followers. I have been researching and reading articles on different techniques on how to do this, and for next week I was even given a creative Instagram challenge from my boss in order to gain more followers and post more creative content. A problem that I have encountered involving my internship was that last week, my professor accidently broke my phone. I resolved this by purchasing a new Italian phone, and although my new phone has bad photo quality, I have thought of different ways to not let this affect my internship. I made a file that has good quality pictures in Google Docs so that for the future, I am able to use my other phone to access the photos and still be able to post. So far, the most impressive thing about my internship to date is getting to experience the teamwork that all of my coworkers have with one another. They all communicate very well and although they are all good friends, they don’t let that get in the way of their work and they complete all of their given tasks above and beyond. For the following weeks, I am expected to take full control of our company’s Instagram, The Roman Foodie, and incorporate more creative posts, videos, and stories, onto the profile. My boss is also in charge of creating different videos, and in the future I am expected to help out with that and get some video footage of different sites so that she can use it for the final copy. So far I have been loving my internship and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me. Thanks for reading and ciao for now!