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Mozzarella, Waffles and French Fries

Mozzarella, Waffles and French Fries

It is a Thursday night and I am currently sitting in JFRC’s IC finishing up some homework. Not hitting up Rome tonight, but saving that for this weekend!

Two weeks ago I went on the orientation trip to Salerno and it was beautiful! We went the region of Campina, and stayed in the town of Salerno. It is a picture perfect coastal town. We had so much planned into the trip, but my favorite parts were drinking wine at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius, and visiting a buffalo mozzarella farm. I can actually say that I had wine at the bottom of the Mount Vesuvius, and I have the pictures to prove it. Then the buffalo mozzarella farm was a personal favorite because I’m from Buffalo, New York, so I went a little crazy with the fact that a Buffalonian was hanging out with some buffalos.

After that weekend I experienced my first planned weekend trip! A group of us from JFRC all went to Brussels, Belgium for the weekend. The center city was all cobble stone street, small alleys that you can walk down, and a large medieval style square called Grand Place. It was like a small town in a large city. The first thing I did in Brussels was eat a Belgian Waffle, and I licked that plate clean. I also had amazing french fries with mayo, disgusting I know but when in Europe! Then I knew Brussels is known for there seafood and a group of us found this stand up place near Saint Catherine’s Cathedral. I can honestly say that it was the best seafood of my life.

Thus far my trips outside of Rome have been incredible experiences filled with unforgettable memories.

Next time I will talk about my adventure in Rome and my trip to Paris!!

Until then…


Is This Real Life??

Is This Real Life??

Finally in ROME! It’s Thursday afternoon and it has been a week since I arrived in Rome. It has been a dream of mine to study abroad and now that I am here I can’t believe it! (IS THIS REAL LIFE?)

Before coming to the John Felice Center I came to Rome with my grandparents, my two sisters and my three cousins. I had just graduated high school and my grandparents took us to Rome for a few days because my Papa wanted us to see and experience where my Nana grew up. It was an amazing experience and I was very fortunate to go with them, but now I have more time to experience the Italian culture.

So far I have loved everything Italy has to offer! I love how the culture focuses on being in the moment with friends and not worry about what’s going to happen next, which is a nice and much needed change for me. JFRC organized a neighborhood dinner near the school and our table sat there for 3 hours. We enjoyed some amazing food, talked about what we’ve done thus far and where we would like to travel. If you do come here (WHICH YOU BETTER) I highly recommend attending that meal.

Also, the SLAs (Student Life Assistants) and the full-year students give the best and craziest advice. They don’t tell you where to go or what to see first, but rather want you to figure it out. I did that on Saturday with a group of friends after the tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum (INCREDIBLE) and we had a great time! We didn’t plan ahead at all. We just walked down different alleys and streets and got familiar with this incredible city.

Experiencing the food, the monuments, and the Italian culture has been absolutely amazing. I love everything so far! This weekend we are going on an orientation trip to Campania, aregion in southern Italy, and then Brussels, Belgium next weekend!

Until next time…