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  • Enjoy the tough time

    November 11th, 2014

    by Sihui Xiong

    Time went by so quickly that I didn’t realize I have been Chicago for three months.   Maybe you will not think it is a long time, however, these three months have meant a lot to me and taught me many unforgettable lessons. The most important one is that these three months have taught me […]

    Third Culture Kids at Loyola

    November 11th, 2014

    by Katie Spry

    As a new school year rolls around in the United States, hundreds of colleges bustle with students from assorted backgrounds. Every student has a story, has a history. It is not that uncommon for many international students new to college in the States to feel some sort of disconnect from the rest of the students. […]

    Time management and the much feared winter

    November 10th, 2014

    by Fernando Russo

    Now that the finals are over and a new quarter just started I would like to think about what we’ve all been through the last few weeks before finals. It gets crazy right? All day at the library, Saturdays, Sundays and late nights too. I won’t say I am any  different, even though I am […]

    4 Weeks To Your American Dream Job

    November 5th, 2014

    by Nicole Lobo

    I recently came across a book called 4 Weeks To Your American Dream Job: The simple path to getting a U.S. visa, learning cultures and leading the life you want. Although I haven’t finished reading the book, it does seem very promising. As the name suggests the book is a guide for any person or […]

    Transition from the ESL to undergrad classes

    November 4th, 2014

    by Teresa Riesgo

    Considering in the possibility of coming to USA,or any other country that does not speak your own language, is a really hard choice. Not only because you are leaving your home and your family, but also because of the challenge of studying in a different language. The first experiences are going to be tough and […]

    Being an Intern at Loyola

    October 31st, 2014

    by Eman El Bakry

    Today I want to talk about my work experience in Chicago and how it has helped me develop.  If you are planning on living in the USA after graduating, it is very important to try to get exposed to such an experience. Even if you are only here for your years of study take advantage […]

    A Day in the Life of a Freshman

    October 29th, 2014

    by Lina Lee

    A typical day in the life of a freshman involves a lot of new discoveries making every single day special in its own way. My typical day starts with my morning classes. I did not expect how challenging it was for me to wake up for my 8:15 class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I […]

    Open House Chicago 2014

    Open House Chicago 2014

    October 28th, 2014

    by Amber Xie

    Once you visit Chicago, you will be amazed by countless beautiful examples of architecture. There are modern architecture such as Sears Tower, Godfrey Hotel and Inland Steel Building. Also, there are historical sites like Tribune Tower and Broadway in Chicago’s Oriental Theatre. It is amazing that Chicago rebuilt the city so well after the big […]

    My Loyola experiences

    October 26th, 2014

    by Innocent Ugwoke

    Introduction. Putting up my experiences here as an international student, on study in a foreign land is imperative. First, it affords me an ample opportunity to share experiences with other international students who may have similar, or rather different but related experiences. Secondly, it will give the resident students and the reading public in this […]

    Lessons we should be taught – Making friends

    October 24th, 2014

    by Dinah Arafeh

    Hey everybody! Firstly I want to introduce myself! My name is Dinah Arafeh, and I’m an American Syrian. Although I’m from those places I’ve never actually lived there, my mom’s job relocated us everywhere so in total I’ve moved countries more than 4 times, been to more than 6 schools and of different types, so […]