It Feels Like Yesterday!

Posted on: May 19th, 2014 by Eman El Bakry
This is my last blog until the Fall quarter starts in about 4 months. I have officially finished my first year of my MBA program and even though I am not graduating yet, I have this great feeling of accomplishment.
I look forward to experiencing the summer in Chicago as I will be doing an internship instead of taking classes to experience another side of living in this city. If there is one thing that every Chicago resident has told me it is that the summer in Chicago is what makes the dreadful winter bearable. I can say that this is true, because even though the weather is playing games with us right now (one day it rains, one day it is sunny and warm) the vibe in the air and happiness in everyone’s smile really does escalate anytime there is sunshine.
By the end of the summer I would have been living in Chicago for one whole year! I am still letting that sink in because it really does feel like yesterday that I took the decision to start the application process. I only had imaginations and thought about what it would be like, and today I am actually living those thoughts which is pretty exciting.
I look back and see that I have grown and developed in many ways and am only learning more about myself and my capabilities. One thing that I learned that was very interesting to me personally was that sometimes there are these things that we think we cannot do or overcome, like applying to an MBA and actually going to do it, or blending in with a totally different culture, but realize that they really were not as bad as we imagined! Not only blending in, but being an active member of a community whether in school or elsewhere that is making a difference, even if it is very small. The overall experience is much more valuable and enriching when you put yourself out there and try to get as involved as you possibly can. At least you will come out of it meeting some really interesting people or having some mind opening conversations.
I look forward to see what the summer will bring and share with you some exciting memories when I am back!
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