45 days

Posted on: March 27th, 2014 by Michelle Lau

Hello again,

It’s a week-long fun because my best friend came from Ames, Iowa to Chicago to spend my birthday week with me. How blessed.

I was chilling at my apartment the other day, sipping on my cup of freshly brewed coffee, listening to Imagine Dragon tracks and while I unlocked my iPhone, I saw the date.

Yes, I am graduating soon, so soon that I couldn’t believe that this is really happening.

Plans after graduation? Most probably staying back in the States for a year of two before I head back to Malaysia for good.

Yes, I am a Malaysian. And, no I have no idea where is the plane. Story time. I went to a restaurant on Michigan Ave. for my birthday dinner. The captain was curious about my nationality and I told him that I was from Malaysia. The first question that he asked was, “where’s the plane?”

Seriously, I have no idea. I guess after this incident, I need not further explain the geography of Malaysia anymore.

In 45 days, I will be walking. I am excited to graduate. I know that this is not the end, as a new chapter awaits me. Bye bye school, hello working world. I am ready for you.


Michelle Lau

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