The Best Gift

Posted on: December 19th, 2013 by Tian Yan

Christmas and New Year are coming. It is the best time for students, and maybe you have already started your vocation. But, do you get ready for the gift for your family?

One of my friends booked the ticket to China. She told me she will go back to China on December 15th. However, I saw her yesterday. I asked her why she didn’t go. Guess what, she told me the ticket she booked was on November 15th, not this month. I was surprised. What a mistake! Well I know it sounds not real, but I am not joking. She realized that she made the mistake one month later the departure, and now she has to buy another ticket which is over $1,500.

OK let’s go back to our topic. Did you get anything from Black Friday deals? My girlfriend and I bought lot of gifts. However, when I told my mother, she was not so happy because I am not going back home this year. Then I understand what my parents hope was not any gift I bought. For my parents, the best gift is that I can go home and enjoy the break with them.

My friend will go back soon, and I hope her parents will not worry too much about it. How about you? Do you get ready for the gift for your family?

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