Practicing Self Care

Posted on: December 3rd, 2013 by Lindsay Chow

Hello everyone! I haven’t blogged in a while but the last time I blogged I wrote about being a Peer Advisor for the First and Second Year Advising office. I think having a job that I have to go to every day at a specific time has allowed to me truly balance being a college student.

This year I am taking more classes that focus on my major and as always, the higher level the class, the harder the course work usually is. Thus, the moments of free time that I do have I try and be the most productive that I can possibly be. With this mindset students who are trying to balance a job and school at the same time often over work themselves. That was me! I tried so hard to be on top of my school work and work that I forgot to take care of myself. And as this semester is nearing the end, I have learned that practicing self care, where I am able to devote time to focus on me, is extremely important. People often fear that when practicing self care it can actually turn into being selfish and not caring for others. But we cannot forget to care about ourselves, something that is often forgotten about in college. For me that means letting myself go out to dinner once a week or lounging in bed a whole entire Saturday because that was time that I needed to recharge.

Self care is something that is so easy to do and unfortunately, easy to forget about. So now I encourage you to allow yourself to focus on yourself! Go watch a movie, hang out with friends or cook! Whatever, it is do not forget to look out for yourself.

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