Exploring a Neighborhood

Posted on: October 15th, 2013 by Vinicius Guerra

The Core Curriculum is an essential part of a Loyola student’s education. We as ramblers appreciate it since we get a glimpse of the different areas of knowledge. This Fall semester I’m taking four classes that count towards our core requirements and one of them is called University 101. In the class we learn basic things about our college life, the resources our campus has to offer, and other useful information. We also get advising on how to register for classes.

Now, let’s get to the point and talk about the fun. In my University 101 class, we were divided into groups and we were assigned to do a project called Connections to Community. The project consisted on going to a Chicago neighborhood and doing a video presentation later on. We had to describe different features of the neighborhood based on our own experience. We decided to visit Wicker Park, a trendy neighborhood.

Wicker Park is often described as The Midwest Mecca of hipsterdom, since it has lots of nice shops, art galleries, and food places. Our group went to a taco place called Big Star, and I strongly recommend it. My group mates had tasty tacos, and I had a mexican style hot dog. It was delicious.

It was really nice just to walk around the neighborhood and check out the 19th century architecture. The atmosphere gives you the feeling of being in a New York neighborhood.

In my opinion, the Core Curriculum is indispensable on our education. Its consequences in personal growth are impactful and infinite. Also, it offers a wide range of socializing experiences and that’s what college is all about.


We made a video that shows our journey exploring Wicker Park. You can watch it here:




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