Chicago- A place of food paradise

Posted on: April 29th, 2012 by Jia Lu

Have you ever been to Chicago? If you answer is “no”, I hope you can put it on your next traveling plan. Do you like eating international food? If you answer is “yes”, I hope you can come here as soon as possible.

Chicago, a place of food paradise, converges the finest food from all over the country, international cuisines from all over the world can be found here as well. Chinese cuisine, Korean cuisine and Japanese cuisine are quite popular here. As an Asian, I am satisfied with the food in Chicago.

Starting in 2008, a restaurant week was created in Chicago. It was such a success in its first year that it’s now been turned into an annual event!  Over 130 Chicago restaurants will be offering a 3-course prix-fixe meal for the same price — $22 for lunch, and $33/$44 for dinner (Beverages, tax, and tip not included). As many of the restaurants normally have entrée selections well into the $20 range, this provides a unique opportunity to sample some great cuisine and get a nice bottle of wine and spend less than $100 for an enjoyable dinner for 2. Some Michelin restaurant joined in this event as well.

I attended the event this year, which kicked off on Feb 16th, and I tried “Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ restaurant” with my friends. Gyu-Kaku is amazing for its unique form of dining in which the customers are involved in the cooking process of grilling their own food.  We have a charcoal brazier built in on each table and are equipped with tongs for cooking. Restaurant goers pick from a large variety of meats, vegetables and seafood. All types of beef are available, ranging from the traditional yakishabu beef, to short ribs and even filet mignon. Foods there are delicious and the service is considerate.

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