Posted on: October 31st, 2011 by Biswas Pradhan

Hello Again,

I have been so busy with school this month. Classes, Grad Assistant work, night shifts at the library, internship, assignments, volunteering, meetings; phewwwhhh! (Sighs) This is what student life is all about though, right? You need to get managed and organized at any cost.

This month has been marked as the month of festivals. All of the international students observed the most celebrated festivals of Nepal and India, Dashera (festival celebrated to mark the victory of Truth) and Deepawali (the festival of lights).  We went to nearby Indian restaurants with our traditional costumes and shared happy moments. Finally, time to get scared. Halloween is just in a couple of days.

Guys, for your Graduate studies, Loyola has been marked as one of the most recognized institutions throughout the globe for various majors and concentrations.

At the graduate level, Loyola offers wide varieties of courses:

1.Art and Sciences

2.Bio Medical Sciences


4.Continuing and Professional Studies (Adults)




8.Pastoral Studies

9.Social Work

We, as Global Ambassadors, are here to help you to choose and get accepted to the option that most interests you. Starting from the application process all the way until finding your accommodations at Loyola, we will help you get settled.

We are always in touch with the respective admissions coordinators; so any questions you may have regarding your applications, we can try to answer or find the answer from the appropriate officer. Coming from someone who applied with very limited help, I can definitely vouch for having the ability to ask questions to a current student or the admissions office. Questions can be asked regarding essays, interviews, application fees, or anything else. Just ask, and we’ll find the answer J

Loyola also offers wide range of opportunities for graduate students. For international students, there is wide variety of job openings on campus and you can easily apply at any one of them. Eligible students can also apply to Graduate Assistantship positions. Quite often, there are numerous fellowships and scholarship programs throughout the semester offered by different organizations.

If you are worried about internships, NO WORRIES at all. Chicago is one if the finest cities with world-renowned organizations. If you have skills and talents, just start exploring your surroundings and you’ll find endless opportunities. Your talents and skills will definitely be respected.

So, for this month, I am encouraging you all to start making a list of colleges you are applying to and what each require. Furthermore, write down questions that you may have regarding these requirements. Then, ask someone, either a global ambassador or anyone else you might know. Don’t think that any question is stupid or dumb: all questions should be asked. This way, you will make the best decisions for your education. Ask anything: about housing, scholarships, programs offered, how to write the essay, or how much the application fee is! Personally, I will be able to help anyone with specific questions regarding social work, social work internships, working as a graduate assistant, and working as a library assistant. Furthermore, if anyone has questions regarding religious or cultural opportunities here at Loyola, I am here to answer any questions you may have (more specifically regarding Hinduism, Bhajans, South Asian cultures, or spiritual opportunities).

Talk to you soon, and looking forward to answering your questions J

Till later, and Happy Halloween J


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