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Real Time Online Classes

Posted on: February 26th, 2013 by rashton 1 Comment


  • There are sometimes issues with scheduling. One way to get around this is to poll students on times for synchronous sessions. There was also the questions of whether multiple options for dates and times could be shown in locus
  • One person noted that some classes (such as classes with a clinical/lab element) need to be taught “in person” – suggested ways around this were 1) having a pre-session in person in the form of a 2-3 day intensive or 2) requiring students have local mentors to help with the “hands-on” elements of a course
  • There was talk about discussion groups and the suggestion that to make classes larger you could divide the class into two (or more) discussion groups
    • There was also the suggestion to put word limits on posts to make long discussions less of a burden for the class
    • Advantages of online education were mentioned
      • Having speakers join remotely
      • Having 2 classrooms in different places
      • New perspectives from students outside of Chicago
      • Technology was a key theme
        • There was the idea to utilize software that allows commenting on student work (voice comments)
        • Hybrid or attending remotely was a theme
          • Advantage for in-person students, they can also log-in remotely when they’re travelling/sick
          • Class can be recorded
          • Creating community online was a concern
          • Libraries and online education was also a theme – that our libraries have to think through ways to accommodate online learners (sending materials, partnerships with other campus libraries, etc.) There was also the concern (from a person working in the libraries) that instructors don’t always know how to navigate library services for online students and tend to send students one-off to meet with a librarian.

One Response

  1. avatar rashton says:

    Thank you, Melissa Browning, for facilitating this topic at the Spring 2013 FOTL.