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Flipped Classroom

Posted on: February 26th, 2013 by rashton 1 Comment

Used Team-based Learning model for flipped classroom in Senior Nursing leadership course

Faculty characteristics – not sage on stage, facilitator, no content review in class

Student characteristics (in TBL model) – teams, group think, collaborate, evaluate peers and learn from experience, active learners, application level

Traditional flipped classroom in Computer Science course – lectures placed online and class time for homework. Students complained first time offered then complaints subsided when lectures were delivered in video format

No content in class

Barriers – student expectations to be a passive learner; faculty workload increases prior to class for preparation of videos

Advantages – less interruption during lecture time, less repetition of content for faculty, updating lecture materials made easier if videos recorded in chunks.

One Response

  1. avatar rashton says:

    Thank you, Monique Ridosh, for facilitating this topic at the Spring 2013 FOTL.