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Posted on: February 26th, 2013 by rashton 1 Comment

For faculty/departments

  • Need to clarify the process for faculty/departments to use ePortfolios
  • Questions about how to scale up appropriately while still maintaining best practices & an integrated approach.
  • Question of how to assess at the macro (institutional) level: CORE, university learning outcomes, etc.
  • How to reframe reflection assignments using multi-media – “multimodal reflection” – What resources exist on how to do that effectively?
  • Need for detailed/topic-based faculty trainings: How to Get Started, How to Structure Reflection Assignments, How to Best Integrated ePortfolios Into a Curriculum/Syllabus, etc.


  • How to address student tendencies to procrastinate vs. be proactive about ePortfolios
  • Potential to use ePortfolios with the libraries to assess students’ information literacy.
  • How will faculty know if students are using projects from their courses in their 4-year ePortfolios?

One Response

  1. avatar rashton says:

    Thank you, Ashley Kehoe & Shannon Milligan, for facilitating this topic at the Spring 2013 FOTL.