Travel & Business Expense Policy Updates

Effective July 1, 2014 all expenses in excess of twenty five dollars ($25.00) will require the support of a detailed receipt.  This change applies to all Expense Reimbursements and ProCard purchases.  The updated Travel & Business Expense Policy can be viewed here:

In addition to this updated policy, ProCard Cardholders and Approvers should be aware of these additional changes:

  • Gift Cards may NOT be purchased on the ProCard. ALL gift card and gift certificate requests must go through the Purchasing Department (

In addition, incentive or prize purchases for program attendees or research study participants on grant (5xxxxx), gift (2xxxxx), and certain research stimulation accounting units (103xxx and 1047xx) are NOT allowed on the ProCard.  Please contact Sponsored Program Accounting at (312)915-8730 with any questions.

  • EBay, Etsy, UBid, Newegg and other similar vendors are not allowed on the ProCard.  Please contact the University’s Purchasing department for special requests (  This list of vendors is not exhaustive; please direct any questions to the ProCard Administration.

Important Note:  Prohibited purchases may NOT be paid out-of-pocket and submitted for expense reimbursements.  Immediate card suspension may result from the purchase of these items (gift cards and restricted online vendors) with the ProCard.

  • All effort must be made to use the University’s Preferred Vendors and Suppliers.  Cardholders that do not use these prequalified suppliers either due to emergency situations or sourcing issues should note that any transactions involving other suppliers such as Amazon, Costco, Wal-Mart, etc. will be automatically audited each month.

PC Workstations (Apple, Windows, etc.) and Laptop purchases may NOT be purchased on the ProCard. ALL PC workstation and Laptop request must go through the ITS and the Purchasing Department:

The complete ProCard policy and procedure manual can be found at

Please contact Martin Rivera (ext 5-8785) or Megan Pedersen (ext. 5-8750) with any questions or concerns regarding ProCard.

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