FOTL as a Community of Practice

Posted on: July 30th, 2014 by Carol Scheidenhelm

Twice annually, Loyola University Chicago organizes the Focus on Teaching and Learning event designed to provide a forum where professionals can gather to share ideas about the art of teaching. Since its inception in January 2007, FOTL has provided a forum where faculty have provided countless presentations on strategies for engaging students in the learning process. The goal for the event has always been to encompass Loyola faculty in a “community of practice” centered on a commitment to excellence in teaching.

One of the essential aspects of a community of practice is a commitment to a shared goal or passion. FOTL’s focus on teaching excellence and Ignatian pedagogy attempts to provide that shared goal for all participants by creating a forum where new and returning faculty can share strategies for improving instruction. We hope you will join our community on Thursday, August 14 in the Information Commons on our Lake Shore Campus. The agenda for the day ( promises to provide an engaging and challenging forum for promotion and sharing of teaching excellence.

For a brief overview of what constitutes a community of practice, check our Etienne Wagner’s short introduction to the topic.


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