Faculty Teaching Awards

Posted on: April 16th, 2014 by Julia Pryce

Over the last many months, I have been working closely with FCIP staff and our Advisory Board members to revisit and enhance the University’s process of granting teaching awards. This has been a stimulating and rewarding process, as we work together from multiple disciplines and perspectives to understand how to honor and acknowledge the breadth of remarkable teaching taking place at Loyola.

I have been humbled by how complex it is to develop and institute a process that is informed by multiple stakeholders, and that encourages student and faculty/staff voice in identifying some the best teachers among us. This process has also helped me to think through what factors contribute to excellent teaching here at Loyola, across the disciplines. Finally, this process has inspired me as I work with colleagues to challenge our work in the classroom, and to recognize the incredible and diverse ways that teachers are reaching students here at Loyola University Chicago. From this work, I think I can speak for our entire team in sharing our increased commitment to continuing to assess, recognize, and celebrate the tremendous teaching taking place here at Loyola, in the classroom and beyond.

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