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Posted on: October 25th, 2013 by Terry Moy

Imagine an office with several unlabeled boxes neatly stacked in the corner.  There are assorted piles of papers, handouts, books, and mail on a desk.    Would you be able to tell what are in the boxes without opening them?  Would you be able to find something easily on the desk?

A student signing on to a new Sakai course might experience a similar feeling.  Course organization and structure in Sakai are  important aspects to consider even if you only put a few files on Sakai.

  • Organize content with the Lesson tool in Sakai.
  • Each new Lesson added creates a button on the left navigation menu in a course.
  • Lessons can be labelled by chapter, unit, session, or many other ways to group content.
  • Keep Lessons consistent and relevant

Lessons used to group content in Sakai

You can add Lessons to your course by going to Site Info and clicking on Edit Tools.  Place a check next to Lessons and click continue.  You have the option to add multiple Lessons at a time.  Add the title of the new Lesson and click continue.  Click finish to see your new lessons appear in the navigation menu.

If you would like to add more lessons in the future you can repeat the steps above.  Another simple way to add additional lessons is to click on any lesson from the navigation menu and click Add More Pages from the More Tools button at the top.  Add the Lesson title and click save.

Add Lessons with Add More Pages

Remove or hide unused lessons from the navigation menu.  Empty areas may confuse students.  To remove or hide


lessons go to Site Info and click on Page Order.  Click on the light bulb icon to hide/unhide lessons.  Click on the X icon to delete them.  Click save at the bottom of the page to keep your changes.


Page Order Icons in Sakai

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