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Posted on: September 27th, 2013 by Sarah Dysart

We often hear feedback from instructors who have completed our Online Teaching Course and want to share their experience as a new online instructor. We hope to feature some of these comments so others can get an idea of what it’s like to make this transition, and gain an appreciation for how much learning and experimenting goes into teaching a course online for the first time!  Here’s a recent comment from one of our instructors:

Dear Adobe Connect and Sakai Coaching Colleagues,

Thank you for very good coaching on online teaching and tools. I have now survived my first week in synchronous teaching in the IBMA. The students are pleased, yet I think I have room to grow and be better.

My discovery this week was to learn that if I download Adobe Connect app on my Ipad and use the tablet-pencil, I can use it simultaneously as an external whiteboard and write on it which shows up on the screen, on the power points, etc..

It works as an external whiteboard under my right hand and I can also see the chat, webcam, etc. on the computer screen.

Thank you again for all your patience while you were teaching me and answering my questions. I appreciate it.



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