Phoenix Bean: Locally Crafted Fresh Soy Products

Returning to the Loyola Farmer’s Market this year is Phoenix Bean, who has been a premier supplier of  tofu to the Chicagoland area for over 30 years. Their tofu is hand crafted daily and made locally in Edgewater.

“We use only the finest Illinois grown non-GMO soybeans with no additives or preservatives to create our flavorful tofu in small batches. Our tofu products are naturally cholesterol and gluten free, and contain no trans fats.” 

The people at Phoenix Bean work hard to provide the most delicious, and highest quality tofu in the Chicagoland area. Come see them at the market this season! 

Phoenix Bean was one of the first local sources of tofu that supplied many Chinese restaurants and Asian grocery stores in the area. Freshness and quality are at the forefront of their business as they strive to give the local and immigrant communities an authentic tofu experience. In 2006, Jenny Yang took over the business, maintaining the traditions established by the original owners while continuing to promote the use of soy as a part of a well-balanced nutritional diet.

The tofu is still produced in the original Edgewater factory, in small personalized batches made by teams of tofu artisians. This gives each type of tofu a slightly different texture and taste making it an exciting experience for the customers.

“The product line now includes more than 13 different types of soymilk, soft and firm tofu, and sprout products. We also sell a ready-to-eat spicy tofu stir fry and several tasty dipping sauces to make mealtime preparation easier.”

Sustainability is a key value at Phoenix Bean, and they have managed to partner with a local farmer to use only non-GMO soybeans naturally farmed in Illinois, with no chemicals or pesticides. Their products are also stored in a way that requires zero artificial preservatives. Phoenix Bean operations minimize impacts on the environment by using filtered water, minimal processing, and tankless water heaters to conserve energy. They do all this while maintaining the high quality and excellent taste of their products.

At Phoenix Bean, they believe that well-crafted soybean products are a part of a sustainable and healthy modern diet. Come visit Phoenix Bean every Monday from 4 to 8pm at the Loyola Farmers Market and purchase one of  their various tofu products – from plain extra firm tofu to five spice baked tofu and many delicious ready-to-eat salads. And if you’re unsure about a flavor (or about tofu in general), don’t worry – they always have samples for customers to try!