Patyk Farm: Family Farming at its Finest

John Patyk
John Patyk talks with a customer at the Market

Summer and weekends with grandpa meant getting up early, breathing in the fresh Wisconsin air, and working hard on the farm for John Patyk, but he wouldn’t have had it any other way.  His special childhood memories with his grandparents made him realize his dream: to own a farm of his very own and to become just like his hardworking grandfather.  John worked tirelessly with his landscaping and plumbing business to make his dream come true with his wife, Myra Patyk.

Myra grew up in Skokie, IL. While a city girl, she had a heart for the country and dreamed of  “a big backyard with lots of animals, especially puppies!” Her life has been dedicated to serving others as an educator, paramedic/local firefighter, and now as a wife and mother to John and little Johnny!

When you visit the red barn marking Patyk’s farm, you can experience fresh homegrown vegetables complimented with locally grown fruit and animals ranging from turkeys to goats! More than that, when you see Patyk’s farm, you’re entering a family living out their very own American dream.Patyk Farm

Patyk’s farm is located on East Illinois Route 173 just 3 miles west of Route 12 in Richmond or 4 miles east of Route 47 in Hebron. Look for the big red barn! You can go on their website or find them on Facebook for a listing of their in season vegetables and cute pictures of their baby animals!