Sneak peek at the new greenhouse!

We are proud to announce that the greenhouse is now running around the clock!

Just last week, we moved all the transplants from the hoop house into the greenhouse. The cooling system is working to regulate temperatures, and we have hooked up water and hoses inside. We have started to fill the grow bed with soil and will be planting in it soon.

Rainwater collection will begin soon! We have started digging a hole for the system (part of it will be underground in order to trap in heat better in the winter), got supplies such as IBC tanks, PVC pipes, a pump, and we will be putting that together shortly.

Microgreens have been planted! Currently we are experimenting with five trays, in which are different combinations of soils and peat moss. Once we figure out a working combo and best methods of planting, we’ll get more of those going.

Aquaponics is in its research and planning phase. One tank is in the greenhouse already, and water and temperature tests are being done to ensure that the plants and fish will have good living conditions.

Wood chips are currently drying in the greenhouse, and they will be burned to produce heat. The idea is to let the greenhouse run year-round, and we are planning on using invasive species from the area to do the job in the winter.

We are all very excited and working hard to make sure all of these projects get going as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more info as we begin putting our plans into reality.



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