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  • May 2, 2016
  • 11:53 am

Graduate & Adult Leadership Awards (GALA): Outstanding GPA Student Organization, Weekend of Excellence

HESA-GALA-1The Higher Education Student Association (HESA) Board for 2015-16 won the Outstanding GPA Student Organization during the Weekend of Excellence for their work with higher education M.Ed. and Doctoral students, faculty, staff, and community partners. The Outstanding GPA Student Organization award is given to an organization that has cultivated a strong commitment to the graduate student experience, professional development, and academic achievement.

HESA’s mission: “Grounded within professionalism and in service of Social Justice, HESA advocates alongside individual members from the Loyola University Chicago Higher Education program through the following: [1] Understand the responsibility and positionality of ourselves as HESA board members, and recognize the privilege that comes with our leadership. [2] Foster an inclusive community by naming the barriers that exist and strive to bridge those divides. [3] Challenge each other and ourselves to practice congruent leadership through critical reflection and action. [4] Encourage a supportive, affirming, and uplifting community in hopes that we leave this space with a mutual pride in our education, our school, and each other. We strive to accomplish the aforementioned while also practicing self-care and being true to ourselves and others.”

While the entire Board was not present to receive the award during the Evening of Excellence, Brody Tate (Events Co-Chair), Katherine Knight (HESA Treasurer) and Candace Hairston (Professional Development Co-Chair) were present to receive the award on behalf of the 2015-16 HESA Board.