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  • December 3, 2015
  • 10:55 am

Exploring the Educational Involvement of Parents of English Learners

School Community Network Spotlights Newsletter recently posted an article, Exploring the Educational Involvement of Parents of English Learners, written by faculty, staff and alums of the School of Education to use as a resource for schools and communities. The article authored by Dr. Elizabeth Vera (SOE Faculty), Dr. Marla Israel (SOE Faculty), Dr. Laura Coyle (PhD ’10, MA ’03), Joanna Cross (EDS ’10, MEd ’08),  Laura Knight Lynn (PhD ’99), Isabel Moallem (PhD ’13), Gina Bartucci (PhD ’12, MED ’08) and Nancy Goldberger (Staff), was originally posted in the 2012 School Community Journal. “This case study provides an overview of a family outreach intervention that supports student retention in school through a school–home communication link. This intervention structure, which employs staff appropriately called parent involvement facilitators (PIFs), provides direct services to families whose child or children are identified as at risk of not completing high school.”