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  • August 29, 2014
  • 1:36 pm

Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners (CPELL) Offer Professional Development

CPELL_MODEL_materialsOn August, 13, 2014, fifty elementary teachers and school administrators these partner districts gathered on Loyola University Chicago’s Lake Shore campus to be trained in the implementation of the WIDA MODEL assessment tool. This day of training, sponsored by the CPELL grant, provided an opportunity for the districts to receive not only a day of hands-on training with a certified WIDA trainer, Dr. Marla Israel, and Dr. Amy Heineke, but to learn together how to best implement this assessment tool within their schools to benefit the English Language Learner students they serve. The primary goals for the day included receiving an overview of MODEL and its purpose, learning to administer the assessment by grade band, and to learning how to use the resulting information to help place ELL students in the best learning environment for their individual need.

To further assist in this transition, CPELL also provided each district with double sets of MODEL assessment kits for immediate implementation in the new academic year. Each set includes an extensive manual, materials for administering the assessment, copies of the assessment worksheets for student use, and a DVD tutorial so each school can train more teachers when they return to their schools. For more information on the CPELL program, log onto www.luc.edu/cpell.