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  • April 24, 2013
  • 12:53 pm

Integrating Research and Teaching

Together with Professor Marcelo Caruso (Humboldt University Berlin), CEPS Associate Professor Noah W. Sobe recently co-edited a special issue of the journal European Education (Vol 44 Nr 4, Winter 2012/2013) that addresses  “European Education Outside Europe”.  As Professor Sobe explains, “for several years now I have taught a course on Modern European Education (ELPS 447) that examines the history of education in Europe from 1800 up through the present, and I have always devoted several classes to looking at colonial education and tried to bring in a global perspective.”  In the recently published special issue Sobe and his co-editor brought together a group of historians to carefully examine educational institutions established by Europeans in areas outside our conventional understanding of Europe.  The issue also delves into the ways that non-European observers at times have modeled their own schools on their visions of education in Europe.  Sobe notes, “there is a fantastic synergy between this publishing project and my preparations to teach the ELPS 447 course in Fall 2013.  It’s important to recognize that European education has never been the sole creation of Europeans, something that students in the course will be exploring further.”