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Cicero Youth Task Forces Recognizes LUC

The Cicero Youth Task Force (CYTF) recognized Loyola students and faculty from the School Psychology Program for their community service in some of the task force’s initiatives at it annual report out to the community on February 28. The CYTF’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for Cicero children, youth and families by working together to prevent youth risk factors. Promoting protective factors is fostered by committee work. Of late students and faculty have been involved in both the Health and Safety Committees along with a translation of the task force’s entire website, www.cytf.org, into Spanish.

Jennifer Froemel (L), Cicero Youth Task Force Facilitator, Loyola School Psychology students and faculty (L-R) Yari Diaz, Dr. Gina Coffee, Sofia Flores, and Dr. Ross Pesce. Students not pictured also recognized were Alison Alves, Allie Jabines, Allison Kasbee, Gina Penunuri, and Sara Shroeder.