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  • October 30, 2012
  • 11:48 am

Contributions to the Supreme Court Case – Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin

Three Higher Education faculty from the School of Education had their research cited, in two separate amicus briefs, submitted to the Court, one submitted by the American Psychological Association, and the other by the Asian American Justice Center. Drs. Bridget Turner Kelly, Mark Engberg, and OiYan Poon.
Citations include:
  • Sharon Fries-Britt & Bridget Turner (Kelly), Uneven Stories: Successful Black Collegians at a Black and White Campus, 25 Rev. Higher Educ. 315 (2002)
  • Mark E. Engberg, Educating the Work-force for the 21st Century: A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis of the Impact of the Undergraduate Experience on Students’ Development of a Pluralistic Orientation, 48 Research Higher Educ. 283 (2007)
  • Mark E. Engberg & Sylvia Hurtado, Developing Pluralistic Skills and Dispositions in College: Examining Racial/Ethnic Group Differences, 82 Journal of Higher Educ. 416 (2011)
  • OiYan A. Poon, Do Asian Americans Benefit From Race-Blind College Admission Policies? National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research In Education (2012)
Dr. Poon was also quoted in an article related to the case