A Guide to Transitioning into American Social Life

Junior Loyola student, Pavan Khera, vividly describes her cultural journey and what it is like transitioning into a university social scene as an international student. Traveling across the globe to acquire an education is by no means an easy feat. Khera, who seems to have accomplished a successful transition, gives us a few tips and tricks on how she triumphed the cultural learning curve.

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French Translation

Un Guide dIntégration dans la Vie Sociale Américaine

L’étudiante de 3e année Licence, Pavan Khera, décrit avec vivacité son parcours culturel et ce que signifie l’adaptation dans l’univers social estudiantin étant un étudiant étranger. Voyager à travers le globe pour acquérir une solide éducation n’est sans aucun doute chose facile. Khera, qui semble avoir accompli avec succès son intégration, nous donnes quelques secrets pour réussir à déjouer la courbe de l’apprentissage culturel.

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Spanish Translation

Una estudiante de Loyola, Pavan Khera, describe vívidamente su viaje cultural y lo que es la transición a una escena social universitaria como estudiante internacional. Viajando por todo el mundo para adquirir una educación no es una tarea fácil. Khera, que parece haber logrado una transición exitosa, nos da algunos consejos y trucos sobre cómo triunfó la curva de aprendizaje cultural.

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6 thoughts on “A Guide to Transitioning into American Social Life

  1. It’s crazy to think of all the people we know but don’t know their life story or culture. It gives you something to think about next time you might talk to someone.

  2. Wow, this really shed some light on what a journey it is to transition from a completely different cultural setting. I hope to become more involved with international students on campus so thanks a lot for this post! Keep up the good work!


  3. It’s great to hear your perspective Arielle! Glad to hear we have inspired you to get involved. If you would like information on more orgs on campus follow our Facebook page!

  4. It is indeed amazing how much we can learn from others cultures! Thanks for sharing that Michael.

  5. Thinking about transitioning to school in America on a collegiate level seems so trying, I admire her for being able to overcome such a difficult obstacle. As someone who came to the US from Haiti and culturally/linguistically assimilated as a child it was hard but no where near as stressful as it would be coming here at a later age as she did. Hearing about what it’s like to attend university as a international student was refreshing because their narratives are usually obscured throughout the college experience. Thanks for this interview.

  6. No problem Keesha, I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit our page! As a US born and raised student, I can only imagine the hardships you all face not only transitioning into college, but an entirely new culture. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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