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CEPS Program Newsletter #093 – April/May, 2020

Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, Loyola University Chicago
CEPS Students and Alumni,


The end of the academic year is here, and is not what any of us expected last August when we gathered to begin classes. I miss seeing you all in person, and hope that this newsletter finds each of you safe, healthy and having the things you need to get along in this altered world of ours. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your academic advisor or to me if there is additional support that you need from the university.


I want to thank you for all you have brought to CEPS this year, and what you continue to bring as all of Loyola University has shifted online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your presence in online class meetings, your engagement in our online CEPS events, and the ways in which you look out for one another make our community stronger and I thank you for these acts.


Please join me in congratulating Professor Amy Shuffelton in her recent promotion to Full Professor. This promotion is an acknowledgment of Dr. Shuffelton’s accomplishments within Loyola as well as her national and international visibility as a scholar.


Below you’ll find additional updates on our faculty, work opportunities, and dates for summer and fall semesters. I wish you a pleasant summer, whatever it may bring to Chicago and to our world, and invite you to contact me should you have additional information to share with the CEPS community.


Best regards,

Dr. Kate Phillippo, CEPS Program Chair, 2019-2020
CEPS Program Newsletter #093 – April/May, 2020



A1: Continued leave for Dr. Noah Sobe

Professor Noah W. Sobe will be on leave during the 2020-2021 academic year while he works on the Education Research and Foresight team at UNESCO.  He is working as Senior Project Officer on a new initiative looking at the Futures of Education.  Information available at https://en.unesco.org/futuresofeducation/.  During his leave he is still continuing advising and thesis/dissertation supervision and is happy to be in touch with any CEPS students so please feel free to reach out to him at nsobe@luc.edu or nw.sobe@unesco.org.


A2. Cancelled Fall 2020 CEPS course: ELPS 500, Youth, Education and Societies

Due to a request from School of Education leadership to consolidate our fall course offerings, Dr. Phillippo’s fall course has been cancelled. ELPS 515: Democracy, Identity and Power (taught by Dr. Shuffelton) is an excellent course option that meets many CEPS requirements. Other options exist within the School of Education for those seeking to meet their respective program requirements, including ELPS 429 (Selected topics in higher education: Critical Race Theory), ELPS 432 (Multiculturalism and social justice in higher education), and CIEP 522 (Curriculum Policy). Please speak with your academic advisor if you are seeking a class to take the place of ELPS 500 for this fall.


A3. CEPS Ambassadors

CEPS Ambassadors held an informational meeting for masters students looking to connect with individuals interested in masters-level study in CEPS. If you would like to join this group, which will work with our Graduate Enrollment Manager and will send members attend different recruiting events within and beyond Loyola, please contact Dr. Phillippo or CEPS MA Student Karina Arango.


  1. JOBS, ETC.

B1. The TMW Center

The The University of Chicago TMW Center for Early Learning and Public Health is seeking a special project manager who would work closely with co-director Dr. Dana Suskind on the development of new initiatives and projects as the organization develops, tests, and scales evidence-based interventions and collaborates with partners across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to generate lasting impact.Dr. Suskind is seeking a master’s level individual with strong writing skills who enjoys the startup phase of new projects.  Feel free to email Dr. Suskind directly for more information: dsuskind@uchicago.edu, or contact Dr. Philippo for the full job posting.







Monday, May 18 – Classes for Summer A semester begin

Friday, June 26 – Summer A semester ends

Monday, June 29 – Classes for Summer B semester begin

Friday, July 31 – Last Day to submit graduation applications for December degree conferral

Friday, August 7 – Summer B semester ends

Monday, August 24 – Classes for Fall semester begin