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CEPS Newsletter 89, October 2019

Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, Loyola University Chicago

CEPS Students and Alumni,

I hope you are enjoying Autumn in Chicago! Policy engagement and learning opportunities abound as the Chicago community weighs the possibility of a teachers strike, surfacing issues of the social and professional conditions of teaching, the distribution of resources across our city, the provision of mental health services in schools, the connections between homelessness and education, school governance and civic activism among youth, parents and teachers. So too will the 2020 presidential campaign give us opportunities to see how candidates and constituents see and value different P-16 policies. I am glad we have the opportunity to, together, make sense of, respond to and shape what is happening around us.

Congratulations to CEPS doctoral student Brie Griffin, the 2019 recipient of the LUC President’s Medallion Award! We have always been proud of Brie, and the rest of the world is catching up with us.

Our thoughts have turned toward spring 2020 semester. We have four fantastic courses on offer in CEPS that include core courses and advanced seminars. Please take a look at these and get ready to register next week. I encourage you to reach out to course instructors if you have any questions about your plans for spring 2020, and to talk with your academic advisor as you plan your next semester. I look forward to sharing it with you.

Best regards,

Dr. Kate Phillippo, CEPS Program Chair, 2019-2020
CEPS Program Newsletter #089 – October, 2019


Spring 2020 Courses: Registration is coming up for Spring 2020. It opens 10/31 and we ask that students register by 11/15.

Core Courses
ELPS 444: American Schooling and Social Policy: A Historical Perspective (Monday, 4:15-6:45) (Dr. Deane)
ELPS 455: Comparative Education (Thursday, 4:15-6:45) (Dr. Jules)

Advanced Seminars
ELPS 412: Urban Education Policy Seminar (Tuesday, 4:15-6:45) (Dr. Phillippo)This course uses a range of theoretical perspectives theories and empirical research to analyze urban education policy. This course explores urban schools’ and urban educational policy’s evolution in response to changes in U.S. cities, urban teaching and school governance, and contemporary educational policies that are prevalent in urban school districts.

ELPS 520: Seminar in the Philosophy of Education: Violence in Schools (Tuesday, 7-9:30) (Dr. Deane) A justifiable goal for education, as it happens in schools, is the establishment of nonviolent modes of association. Yet schools are and have been sites personal, political, and symbolic violence. In this course, we will explore the relationship of violence and education to better understand how we might craft education policy and practice with an eye toward peaceful social progress. We will use a range of philosophical, sociological, and historical sources to conduct our study.

CEPS Policy Forum: Please save the afternoon of Friday, January 31 for the annual CEPS Policy Forum. Details are forthcoming.

LSC Work Group: All CEPS students, especially those who have completed their coursework, are invited to join the LSC Work Group on Mondays at 5:30pm. Our goal with this group is to build and maintain CEPS community all while supporting one another as we work on various school tasks like reading for comps, dissertation work, article development, etc. Each week when we come together each person will add their own tasks/goals for the week into a shared document. We will then go over our progress on the goals we added to the document in the previous week. Depending on the day and what people need, we may also (1) discuss the projects we’re working on; (2) share work with another person to get feedback; (3) do reading or writing in one another’s presence for an hour or so; and (4) chat and catch up. We will be meeting each Monday at 5:30pm at the Lake Shore Campus in the small group meeting rooms in the IC. If you would like to join us, please just come or feel free to email Max Crumley-Effinger (mcrumleyeffinger@luc.edu) with questions.

John Dewey Society Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award: The John Dewey Society is excited to announce that this year it will be acknowledging an outstanding graduate student paper to be presented at its annual meeting. The Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award is meant to highlight outstanding work in the fields of education, democracy, and/or Pragmatist philosophy. The winner will receive extensive feedback from the review committee. Publication in one of the Society journals is also a strong possibility. In order to be eligible for this award, you must be a current graduate student and have a proposed paper accepted for presentation at the 2020 John Dewey Society Annual Meeting in April of 2020 in San Francisco (see www.johndeweysociety.org/2019/07/21/2020-jds-annual-conference-san-fransisco-ca/ for more details). You must then send your completed paper to Jacob Del Dotto at bdeldotto@luc.edu by March 1, 2020.


The Loyola Community Literacy Center is looking for volunteer ESL tutors. Sessions occur in Loyola Hall (1110 W Loyola Ave.), 2nd floor conference room, at the Lake Shore campus Mondays thru Thursdays 7:00-9:30pm. Tutors only need to dedicate to a single night per week. We can offer what we call “flash orientations” by appointment. These orientations begin at approximately 6:20 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at the center when the university is in session, but they do need to be scheduled in advance. If anyone is interested, please schedule an appointment by emailing literacy@luc.edu or locolice@gmail.com (which stands for LOyola COmmunity LIteracy CEnter).

JCSHESA Application Announcement: Call for Reviewers: The Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs (JCSHESA) is a student-run, open access journal that provides a platform for critical, actionable scholarship that impacts current students, scholars, activists, and community members in higher education and student affairs. In our mission and purpose, we strive to provide a unique venue for critical research and discourse that promotes social justice in higher education.
We are currently accepting applications for reviewers that will help us meet our goal to publish high quality, engaging scholarship. All JCSHESA Reviewers agree to serve a two-year term upon selection. Interested applicants should submit a CV and cover letter detailing your qualifications, research interests, and related experiences to jcshesa@gmail.com. Interested applicants must also complete the 2019-2021 JCSHESA Reviewer Profile form at https://tinyurl.com/jcshesarevpro19. Graduate students and scholars with a familiarity of critical theories and frameworks are encouraged to apply!

The deadline for applications, including submission of the CV, cover letter, and Reviewer Profile form is Friday, November 15, 2019. All applicants will be notified of decisions no later than Friday, December 6, 2019.

If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Managing Editor Dianey R. Leal at jcshesa@gmail.com. Thank you and we look forward to your application!


The Relation Centered Education Network (RCEN) is a newly launched network of educational theorists, researchers, practitioners and policymaker who believe that human relations are central to education. They will be holding their first conference in San Francisco June 6-8, 2020. For the Call for Papers and more information about RCEN and the conference, see https://sites.google.com/view/pedagogyofrelation/conference?authuser=0


Thursday, October 31 – Registration due for Spring 2020 (Registration opens 10/18)
Wednesday, November 27-Sunday, December 1 – Thanksgiving Break: No classes.
Sunday, December 1 – Last day to submit graduation applications for May degree conferral.
Saturday, December 7 – Fall semester classes end.
Monday, January 13 – Spring semester begins.