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CEPS Movie Night: JOSHUA: Teenager vs. Superpower

Please join us (non CEPS students welcome as well) for CEPS Movie Night on February 5 from 7 pm until about 9 pm, in Corboy Hall, L14 (lower level). We will be watching the 2017 film, Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower (2017). Hosted by Prof. Kate Phillippo; Appetizers and beverages will be served.


“A rousing documentary profiles Joshua Wong, the adolescent activist who found fame with his protests against the Chinese government. . . In 2011 14-year-old Wong and his Scholarism movement managed to defeat an effort to make China’s communist National Education curriculum mandatory in Hong Kong schools through the power of peaceful protest. It was the first victory an activist group managed in the territory since it came under Chinese rule in 1997. . . There has been a perceived ratcheting up of influence by Beijing in recent times, prompting a more robust response from those opposed to China’s control, particularly from younger citizens like Wong who see Hong Kong’s semi-autonomy as central to their identity.” (The Guardian)