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The Cultural and Educational Policy Studies (CEPS) program in the School of Education at Loyola University Chicago offers an M.Ed., an M.A. as well as a Ph.D. degree. We also offer an undergraduate minor in Education Policy Studies. Faculty and students in the program use the tools of the social sciences and the humanities to study issues of educational policy and practice with an overarching emphasis on social justice.

CEPS Faculty on Gun Violence in American Schools

Posted on: February 26th, 2018 by Noah W. Sobe

CEPS faculty members address the problem of gun violence in American schools in recent publications.  Professor Kate Phillippo, together with Loyola School of Social Work Professor Michael Kelly have just published a blog post on SSWN, a resource for school social workers, titled “Calling B.S. On Current School Safety Efforts: Legislators, Not Educators, Must Act To Protect Schools From Mass Murderers” (23 Feb, 2018).  Professor Amy Shuffelton also works on this topic and is the editor of a special journal issue dedicated to “Theorizing Gun Violence in Schools: Philosophy, Not Silver Bullets” (Educational Theory, Volume 65, Issue 4 – August 2015).


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Dr. Kate Phillippo, kphilippo@luc.edu

Dr. Amy Shuffelton, ashuffe@luc.edu

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