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  • October 2, 2015
  • 1:44 am

CEPS Program Newsletter #059 – September 29, 2015

Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, Loyola University Chicago
CEPS Students and Alumni-
Please find a number of job opportunities and also information about a set of upcoming conference deadlines in the newsletter below. Please in particular note the request for applications for student employment at Loyola’s Law School [D.1.] as an assistant working on Loyola’s LLM program — a great opportunity for people interested in international higher education. If you have you have announcements to include in a future issue of this newsletter please send them to Ashley Allen at aallen13@luc.edu.
-Noah W Sobe
~CEPS Program Chair
CEPS Program Newsletter #059 – September 29, 2015
Table of Contents:
1. New CEPS Program Handbook released
2. Upcoming University, SOE & Graduate School Deadlines

1. Thesis/Dissertation support group, Fridays, from 2:00pm-3:15pm
2. Discipline for Some, Freedom for Others: Reflections on Schools, Society and Being Bad, a conversation with Dr. Crystal Laura at Concordia College, Tuesday, October 6 2015 at 6:00pm

1. Call for Proposals: Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) March 6-10, 2016 (Vancouver, Canada). Deadline: October 15, 2015.
2. Call for Proposals: Sociology of Education Association (SEA) February 19-21, 2016 (Pacific Grove, CA). Deadline: October 15, 2015
3. Call for Proposals: Philosophy of Education Society (PES) March 17-21, 2016 (Toronto, Canada). Deadline: November 1, 2015
4. Call for Proposals: John Dewey Society April 7-8, 2016 (Washington, DC [concurrent to AERA). Deadline: November 15, 2015

1. Student employment, LLM program for international Lawyers at Loyola’s Law School
2. Part-time Reading and Interventionist/Reading Specialist at Youth Connection Charter School in Chicago, IL, Deadline: Immediate
3. Tenure Professor (Graduate level quantitative research methods) at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey, Deadline: Immediate
4. Tenure Professor (Education Philosophy/History of Education) DePauw University in Greencastle, IN, Deadline: October 15, 2015


A.1. Reminder: CEPS Faculty had finalized a Graduate Programs Handbook which contains resources that should be of considerable use to students in all of our graduate programs (M.Ed., M.A., and PhD). It is available on the CEPS Sakai page under “CEPS Resources”.

A.2. Upcoming University, SOE & Graduate School Deadlines
* October 1: Last day to submit thesis or dissertation for the required format check for December degree conferral.
* October 5-6: Mid Semester Break, No Classes
* November 1: Last day to submit final approved electronic copies of dissertations or theses for December degree conferral

B.1. Have you hit a wall in your Thesis or Dissertation writing and/or research? Come and join the Thesis/Dissertation Support Group to help combat writers block, procrastination and other obstacles. Learn to maintain work/life balance and manage stress in a supportive environment. The group meets Fridays 2:00pm-3:15pm, starting September 25th 2015 at the LUC Wellness Center, Granada Center 6439 N. Sheridan Road Chicago, IL 60626. For more information contact Dr. Andrea Boyd at 773-508-2534 or aboyd2@luc.edu

B.2. “Discipline for Some, Freedom for Others: Reflections on Schools, Society and Being Bad”
Join Professor and author Dr. Crystal Laura for a critical conversation, reception and signing of her book Being Bad: My Baby Brother and the School-to-Prison Pipeline. The book takes a poignant look at the journey of the author’s brother Chris from systems of education to systems of criminal justice. Dr. Laura will explore issues such as the under-education of Black males, the reality of zero tolerance and the role of the mainstream media in constructing Black masculinity. This event is hosted by Concordia University and will take place on October, 6th 2015, 6:00pm at the Christopher Center room 200 located at 7400 Augusta Ave., River Forest, IL (near Division and Monroe). Parking is free and plentiful in a lot off Monroe. CPDU’s will be available for attendees.

C.1. The Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) is pleased to announce its 60th Annual Conference, which will be held at the Sheraton Wall Centre Vancouver Hotel, in Vancouver, Canada from March 6-10, 2016. The CIES was founded in 1956, and is the world’s oldest society in the field of comparative and international education. The 1950s were an era of post-war economic growth, decolonization, and Cold War geopolitics – an age of typewriters rather than computers, in which international travel was possible only for the privileged few. The 60th annual conference will consider how the Society and the field have evolved during the decades, and where they are (and/or should be) going. * The field of comparative and international education is wide, and has different emphases in different parts of the world and in different periods of history. Conference participants are invited to address the theme from perspectives of their particular specializations, theoretical and practical standpoints, geographic locations, and academic and professional identities. Much has changed since 1956 and intervening points. What does it mean for the goals, spirit and tools of our work? What would we like to see in the future, and how will we achieve it? * With the above in mind, the CIES 2016 Planning Committee invites you to submit proposals in the following categories: Individual papers, Individual posters, Group poster sessions, Group panel sessions, Workshops. All proposals should contribute to the advancement of theory, practice, methodology and/or fieldwork in comparative and international education. *. The final deadline for all submitted proposals is October 15, 2015. Proposals should be electronically submitted through the CIES online submission system, and comply with the requirements detailed in the guidelines below. Proposals that do not comply with these requirements will not be considered for inclusion in the program. CIES membership is required to present at the Conference, however membership is not required to submit a proposal. Additional information available at http://cies2016.org/proposals/

C.2. The Sociology of Education Association 2016 conference, entitled, Contradictions in Education: Patterns and Consequences which will be held February 19-21 2016 at the Asilomar Conference Center, Pacific Grove, CA. The Keynote Speakers will be David Labaree, Professor of Education, Stanford University and Brian Powell, James H. Rudy Professor of Sociology, Indiana University Bloomington. The notion that contradictory institutional logics and forces affect major social arrangements has gained significant currency in recent years. Education is uniquely positioned in this regard. Public schools and public colleges and universities in the U.S. customarily have been considered essential for the common good but have at the same time been viewed as a means of competitive advantage for individuals. The relative intensity of these competing conceptions has profound implications for equity, injustice, and reform in education. Where are we today in this regard? And what does the future hold? We invite proposals related to sociology of education broadly, and particularly those that examine questions related to this year’s conference theme: “Contradictions in Education: Patterns and Consequences.” What are the current patterns of stratification in schooling and how are they related to competing conceptions of education, both at K-12 level and in higher education? What are the sources of these dynamics? How do they affect students, families, communities, educational institutions, and the nation as a whole? How are policies and reform efforts affected? What are the consequences of such effects for the coming decades? We invite both theoretical and empirical contributions, and encourage submissions that utilize a wide array of methodologies. While the theme addresses dynamics in the U.S., researchers working on topics internationally are also encouraged to submit proposals. The submission deadline is October 15, 2015. To submit, send a detailed 2-3 page precis that includes a brief discussion of the topic, research literature, methods and significance of the paper to Argun Saatcioglu (2016 Program Chair) at the University of Kansas seaconf2016@gmail.com. Please include the following information with your submission: name, position, institutional affiliation, address, office telephone and e-mail of contact person. Also indicate if the primary author is a graduate student.

C.3. The 72nd Annual Meeting of the Philosophy of Education Society (PES) will take place from March 17-21 in Toronto, Canada, at the Sheraton Toronto Center Hotel. The Program Committee invites papers to be submitted for presentation at the Annual Meeting and for subsequent publication in the PES yearbook, Philosophy of Education 2016. The Committee also invites two other types of proposals: (1) Proposals for alternative sessions; (2) Proposals for work-in-progress that bring participants together to collaborate on developing ideas that are not yet ready for the regular paper submission process. Papers and proposals that address the conference theme are encouraged, but all submissions will be considered. This year’s conference invites submissions on the theme of “philosophy of education in ‘the gap between past and future’.” The phrase comes from Hannah Arendt’s preface to Between Past and Future. It refers to the challenges of understanding our current predicament without the kind of guidance that might once have been given by what Arendt calls “the great tradition” of political thought, and it urges us to think carefully about the challenges of preparing young people for an unforeseen future in light of these fissures in time. For Arendt, the gap between past and future is most forcefully opened up by unexpected and seemingly unprecedented world historical events, but it is also opened up and sustained by the act of thinking itself, and more specific to our purposes, by making this thinking public in the hopes of redirecting educational thinking, policy and practice. * Papers that address the question of philosophy of education in the gap between past and future are encouraged and will be considered for inclusion in a special issue of Educational Theory. There are many possibilities for orienting submissions to the conference theme: a) In keeping with Arendt’s approach to engaging traditions of thought, submissions might engage in sifting through the intellectual inheritances of our field in order to dig up the “lost treasures” and examine the “sea-changes” in thinking that render them particularly useful for understanding education in the present moment. b) Submissions might seek to think philosophically about how to name and navigate our educational present, without the sorts of certainties that come from a consensus view about what the past has to offer these understandings, or what the future may hold. c) Submissions might engage the task of thinking about the field of philosophy of education in relation to education’s future. Work that opens up new possibilities and sites for doing philosophy of education would be particularly germane here, as would work that seeks to redirect and reorient prior work in the field. d) Finally, we encourage submissions that attend to gaps within the field, i.e. to that which is missing or has been absent(ed) from the purview of philosophy of education. How might attending to these gaps reorient our understanding of the field’s past, rethink its present, and redirect its future? Of course, part of thinking about philosophy of education in the gap between past and future involves recognizing and grappling with the work that is being done in the present moment. For this reason, submissions to this conference do not have address the theme explicitly. All papers will go through the normal review process. Papers not found acceptable on grounds of quality will not be accepted simply because they address the theme. Papers not addressing the theme will not be penalized for that reason. * Additional information available at: http://www.philosophyofeducation.org/conference/pes-annual-meeting-2016

C.4. The year 2016 marks the centennial of the publication of John Dewey’s magisterial Democracy and Education. As part of the celebration, the John Dewey Society (JDS) is sponsoring a conference on April 7th, 2016 and the morning of April 8th, 2016, immediately prior to its own regular annual meeting, held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), April 8-13. The centennial conference is largely invitational, but there are opportunities for roundtable discussions and for posters. The event will take place at The Thurgood Marshall Center(http://www.thurgoodmarshallcenter.org/) 1816 12th St NW, Washington, DC 20009. To propose a paper, please submit the following to the JDS Centennial Conference program chair, Dr. AG Rud, Distinguished Professor, Washington State University, ag.rud@wsu.edu by November 15, 2015. In the subject line of your email state: JDS Centennial Conference Proposal. 1 Email message: List your name, position and institution if applicable, email address, and phone number. 2 Attachment: In an attached Word document submitted anonymously with no identifiers, specify if you would like to be considered for a roundtable, poster, or both: Provide the title of your discussion or poster, its relation to the Dewey centennial, and its appeal to an audience of educators and philosophers at all levels, in no more than 300 words. References are not necessary and are not part of the word count. If there is more than one participant, specify how many will participate and their roles. Proposals will be reviewed anonymously by a panel selected from JDS members. Notifications will be sent out no later than January 15, 2016. The Democracy and Education Centennial event is free and open to the public. But space is limited. To reserve your space, simply write an email to Kyle Greenwalt, JDS Secretary Treasurer, at greenwlt@msu.edu and include the word ‘reserve’ in the subject line.

D.1. Loyola’s LLM program for international lawyers is growing and they are seeking a student hourly employee to assist with program administration. Please direct queries to Insa Blanke at iblanke1@luc.edu.

D.2. Youth Connection Charter School is currently looking for a Part-time Reading and Interventionist/Reading Specialist to teach and tutor off-track and out of school youth with reading problems. The reading specialist will work at multiple sites with late adolescents needing urgent interventions. The specialist duties include but are not limited to interpreting assessment data to drive instruction, reviewing data to make decisions to address student weaknesses, monitoring student progress and maintaining accurate student records. Qualified candidates will possess instructional experience teaching and reading, experience with at risk populations, background/knowledge in reading/ intervention strategies, ability to motivate students, PEL with Illinois Approved/Endorsements in Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Reading Specialist with at least 1 year experience. Apply by using the following link: http://careers.npo.net/jobs/7474868/part-time-reading-interventionist-specialists-fall-2015#.VgHL-AnD9gU.gmail

D.3. Montclair University has a tenure track position in the Department of Educational Foundations to teach graduate level quantitative research methods classes. Appointment includes teaching quantitative research classes for a rapidly growing doctoral program as well as master’s program in the College of Human Services. Starting date for this position is September 1, 2016. Send application letter, resume, and contact information for 3 references (include V number) to Search Chair, Educational Foundations Montclair State University V-F5 to cehs-fac-searches@montclair.edu

D.4. The Education Studies Department at DePauw University invites applications for a tenure-track position in Education Philosophy/History of Education to begin in August 2016.  A completed Ph.D. is preferred, ABD will be considered. Rank is open, and rank/salary will be commensurate with experience. Open to all areas of Education Philosophy and History of Education. The candidate should be qualified to teach undergraduate courses in two or more of the following areas:  History(ies) of American Education and Public Schooling, Global Philosophical Traditions in Education, and Philosophical Foundations of American Education.  Knowledge of critical pedagogy and critical race theory is preferred. Teaching (3/3 load) will include rotating introductory core courses, Educational Philosophy and History of Education, Research Methods, courses in the area of specialty, and Senior Seminar. A commitment to undergraduate teaching and the ability to engage students in research in a liberal arts environment are required. Education Studies at DePauw fosters a high level of intellectual engagement. The department includes four tenure-track faculty members who are committed to excellent teaching and to student-faculty research within a liberal-arts setting. The curriculum includes introductory core classes (Foundations, Developmental Theories & Deconstructing Differences), electives, and a capstone sequence of Research Methods and Senior Seminar. DePauw has exceptional faculty development programs, including pre-tenure leave and internal grants. DePauw is a nationally-recognized, leading liberal arts university dedicated to educating 2,300 highly talented and motivated students from across the country and around the globe. For more than 175 years, DePauw has created an atmosphere of intellectual challenge and social engagement that prepares students for lifelong success. Connected to the liberal arts college is one of the nation’s first Schools of Music. DePauw is located in Greencastle, Indiana, a 45-minute drive west of Indianapolis. Review of applications will begin October 16, 2015, and will continue until the position is filled. Applications received by this date will be assured of full consideration.  Submit electronically through Interfolio (http://apply.interfolio.com/31524) an application letter, CV, three letters of recommendation (at least two directly addressing teaching), statements of teaching philosophy and research interest, writing sample, and copy of graduate transcript. Candidates should provide evidence, in application materials, of a commitment to fostering and engaging with a diversity of ideas and experiences, which create an inclusive environment in the classroom and at See more at: https://chroniclevitae.com/jobs/0000900116-01?cid=VTEVPMSJOB1#sthash.S5T5JSYZ.dpuf