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Fall 2014 Graduate Courses

Every semester CEPS offers a set of courses in each of our areas of concentration as well as several advanced seminars that focus on one or bridge several depth areas.  Fall 2014 course offerings include:

* ELPS 410 Sociology of Education (Phillippo) WTC  Wednesdays 4:15-6:45

* ELPS 420 Philosophy of Education (Shuffelton) WTC Tuesdays 7:00-9:30

* ELPS 455 Comparative Education (Sobe) WTC Mondays 4:15-6:45

* ELPS 550 Globalization and Education (Sobe) WTC Mondays 7:00-9:30

* ELPS 491 Issues in Education Policy (Shuffelton) WTC Tuesdays 4:15-6:45

ELPS 491 will explore some of the conceptual underpinnings of contemporary education policy.  Public schools have long been assigned responsibility for preparing children to enter public space as democratic citizens, but this public function of schools is, according to many education scholars, currently challenged by neoliberal privatization.  In this course, we will consider how education policies are privatizing the public domain, using the Common Core State Standards as a focus of our investigation.  ELPS 491 will consider the ways in which contemporary US education policy addresses social, political and economic concerns, through a consideration of the CCSS’s concern with parental involvement, career and college readiness, and global competition. Framing our inquiry will be John Dewey’s and Hannah Arendt’s theorizations of the democratic public, and the course will begin with their inquiries into democratic publicity before turning to empirical and contemporary theoretical approaches to contemporary education policy.