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The Cultural and Educational Policy Studies (CEPS) program in the School of Education at Loyola University Chicago offers an M.Ed., an M.A. as well as a Ph.D. degree. We also offer an undergraduate minor in Education Policy Studies. Faculty and students in the program use the tools of the social sciences and the humanities to study issues of educational policy and practice with an overarching emphasis on social justice.

Loyola Team Edits Special CICE Issue

Posted on: March 20th, 2013 by Noah W. Sobe

Congratulations to CEPS Professor Tavis Jules and a team of students who have guest-edited an issue of Current Issues in Comparative Education (CICE), one of the leading journals in the field of comparative and international education. The issue dealt with education in small states in a number of innovative and creative ways. For their contributions to Volume 15 Number 1 “Education in Small States: Fragilities, Vulnerabilities, and Strengths” we are pleased to congratulate and recognize the following students and alumni of Loyola’s Cultural and Educational Policy Studies graduate program: Beth Wright, Landis Fryer, Sophia Rodriguez, Terry Han, Yao Chen, Brad Kirshenbaum, Joy O’Keefe and Patricia Castillo. The issue is available on the CICE website.

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