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Is Success Possible for International Climate Negotiations?

A climate scientist once suggested there isn’t anything complicated about the technical solutions to the climate crisis.  As far as he was concerned, this emerging crisis could have been averted simply by reducing climate changing-gas emissions below certain levels.  Sounds easy-peasy, right?  Then why has the international community spent the last 18 years trying to [...]

The Diet of Worms and Worm Bins

Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms, Germany and James Mastaler with his newly built worm bins

Unless you are a doctoral student in Theology studying to pass your comprehensive exams in late October, the Diet of Worms is probably not something you have thought much about lately.  You may wonder why the Diet of [...]

Earth Care and Jesuit Values

This past weekend, I had the privilege of teaching a session at the 2011 National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference (NJSLC) hosted by Loyola University Chicago.  The conference serves as an opportunity for student leaders to connect with one another from across the network of Jesuit colleges and universities and share best practices, improve leadership skills, [...]

Harvesting Excellence–Possibly Contagious

School is out for summer but the buzz of activity around Loyola’s campuses is really revving up!  Many students will continue their academic studies either formally through summer classes or informally through internships and hands-on field work.  Loyola’s students and interns have already spent hours digging, planting, weeding, watering and nourishing organic gardens and farms [...]

Rumblings from the bowls of the Earth

What is going on beneath the soil?  Something has to be happening because all of a sudden, the Earth is bursting with life and activity.  Aboveground, the sun is shining brightly across Chicago’s urban landscape as days grow longer and warmer…wooing people outside to run along the lake or bike city streets.  But a lot [...]

Ready for an equinoctial pop quiz?

Here’s a question for you:  Can you accurately describe what happens during the spring equinox that will take place this Sunday on the 20th of March?  If your astronomy is a bit rusty, then we share good company because even after reviewing the details I struggle to visualize precisely how the earth’s celestial equator, tilt of the [...]

Got gas? Better than roses & chocolates for some relationships.

Roses.  Heart candy.  Sappy cards. Chocolate.  Whether you dread it or look forward to it the month of February brings Valentine’s Day.  And with Valentine’s Day comes a very public conversation about relationships.  Whether you relish or dread that flurry of conversations surrounding this annual holiday, the scientists at CUERP are focused steadfastly on relationship [...]

Vacation’s up! Now let the fun begin…

During January’s bitter cold what could be more idyllic than imagining oneself on a warm tropical beach with turquoise water slowly lapping at a white sandy shore?  Some in our Loyola community may have been lucky enough to spend time at such idyllic places during their holiday travels and depending on their disposition, they will [...]

It’s freezing! What happened to global warming…

As blizzards sweep across the Midwest this week and temperatures in Chicago begin to plunge, I have heard some folks begin to joke about their longing for “global warming” to just hurry up and happen already!  I know they’re just joking because these same folks also know that higher average temperatures due to increases in [...]

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Doctoral student and emerging ecological ethicist offering reflections from Loyola's Center for Urban Environmental Research & Policy.