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Loyola Faculty to Present at Comparative Education World Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 24-28, 2013)

Posted on: May 3rd, 2013 by Noah W. Sobe

Faculty from Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education will be making a number of presentations at the XV Comparative Education World Congress  in Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 24-28.

Prof. Tavis Jules, Assistant Professor of Cultural and Educational Policy Studies will present a paper titled “From inter-regionalism to trans-regionalism: Educational reform in the ‘other’ embryonic markets” and together with Patrick Ressler will present a second paper on “International knowledge banks and the role of nonprofit marketing in promoting educational policies“.

Prof. Noah W. Sobe, Associate Professor of Cultural and Educational Policy Studies, who is serving as co-convener of Thematic Group 9 “New Times for Curriculum” will chair a special session on “New Times for Educational Meritocracies: Methods and Concepts for Comparative Education Studies of Merit and Justice” and present a paper titled “Account(ability) and Merit(ability): Governance, Education and the Specter of Uselessness“.  He will also present on a highlighted panel dealing with Education in Europe as well as on a panel on “Theory and method in Comparative and International Education: quo vadis?

Prof. Erwin Epstein, Emeritus Professor of Comparative and Educational Policy Studies will present on “In the Aftermath of War: The Disorienting Transfer of Schools from Spain to the United States at the Turn of the 20th Century.”

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