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Loyola Students Faculty and Alumni Presenting at CIES 2013

Posted on: February 28th, 2013 by Noah W. Sobe

In New Orleans March 10-15 the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) will hold its annual conference and students, faculty and alumni from Loyola University Chicago will, as usual, be a prominent presence.  If you are attending CIES make sure to try and catch their presentations!

Teresa Barton (CEPS Student) “How far is too far?: South Korean parental pursuits for quality English acquisition in children” Monday, March 11 @ 1:45pm in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Marlborough A

Dr. Louis Berends (CEPS Alumnus) “‘Quality’ undergraduate research in non-traditional locations: Field-based projects in Sub-Saharan Africa” Tuesday, March 12 @ 3:30pm in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Grand Salon-Section24

Allison Blosser (CEPS Student) “Teaching comparative education and multicultural education: A cartographic representation of convergent and divergent epistemological influences and social aims” Tuesday, March 12 @ 3:30pm in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Magnolia

David Boven (CEPS Student) “International enough?: An exploration of the growth of “international” education in India’s middle class” Monday, March 11 @ 8:00am in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Grand Salon-Section4

Yao Chen (CEPS Student) “Private supplementary tutoring system in China: Neoliberal education agenda in a Confucianism and post-socialism context” Wednesday, March 13 @ 8:00am in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Marlborough B

Landis Fryer (CEPS Student) “Education in the Maghreb: Higher education in post-revolutionary Tunisia” Monday, March 11 @ 8:00am in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Grand Salon-Section22

Dr. Desmond Odugu (CEPS Alumnus) “Antinomies of orientations in language planning and the quest for multilingual education”Tuesday, March 12 @ 3:30pm in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Oak Alley

Dr. Tavis Jules (CEPS Faculty) “Mature regionalism and new mechanisms of educational governance in small states (and micro-States)”Tuesday, March 12 @ 1:45pm in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Grand Salon-Section9

Noah W. Sobe (CEPS Faculty) “After neoliberalism” Wednesday, March 13 @ 1:45pm in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Marlborough B

Annmarie Valdes (CEPS Student) “‘We are global citizens with tribal souls’: Surveying global citizenship education in the United Kingdom, Germany, and The Republic of Korea”  Monday, March 11 @ 10:15am in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Grand Salon-Section6

Beth Wright  (CEPS Student) “Breaking tradition: Taking stock of research on global school choice” Monday, March 11 @ 12:00pm in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Grand Salon-Section21

Dr. Theodore Zervas (CEPS Alumnus) “Learning to be Greek through informal modes of learning: The Karagiozis Theater and national identity formation” Tuesday, March 12 @ 10:15am in Hilton Riverside Hotel/Grand Salon-Section15

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