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Conversational Language Learning for Faculty and Staff

You may remember that last summer CAS experimented with a summer language class in Spanish for faculty and staff – to a resounding success! So we’re expanding our offerings for this coming summer to include not only Spanish, but also Chinese, German and Italian. Each course will focus mainly on developing and strengthening your conversational [...]

Center for Interdisciplinary Thinking

You’ll recall that the Center for Interdisciplinary Thinking (CIT) in the College of Arts and Sciences was formed last fall to encourage and support current and new interdisciplinary research and teaching initiatives, especially as those initiatives enhance the undergraduate experience at Loyola. The six Fellows appointed to CIT, under the leadership of Lead Fellow Dr. [...]

CAS Community Hour

CAS is planning another Community Hour this semester on Thursday, Feb. 20 starting at 4:30 in the Sky Lounge of Mundelein. Please mark your calendar for some time together as a College.

Holiday Greetings!

A very sincere thank you to all faculty and staff for all your efforts this past semester on behalf of the College and our students. Have a very Happy and Restful Holiday Season!


A happy Thanksgiving to all of you – above all restful as you gear up for the final phase of the semester.

Faculty Development and Recognition Opportunities for Lecturer (NTT) Faculty

I’ve been very interested in providing faculty development and recognition opportunities for the hard work of our Lecturer (NTT) faculty. I’m happy to announce that CAS now has an entire “package” together that consists of the following four components:

• Promotion: a system for advancement across CAS from Lecturer to Advanced Lecturer to Senior Lecturer is [...]


In the US News and World Report rankings, Loyola has moved up again from 119 two years ago, 106 last year, 101 this year. Thanks to all your efforts!

Kick-off Breakfast

I very much enjoyed telling you a little bit about the direction of the College this year at the Kick-off Breakfast today. Since this is a new tradition, I would appreciate any feedback you might have on this format for getting us together as College before the new academic year begins.

Welcome to the New Academic Year!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Dean’s Kick-off Breakfast this Friday, August 23, starting at 8:30 in the Faculty and Staff Dining Room of the Centennial Forum. I will offer some remarks on the direction of the College during the coming year and will introduce the new faculty. Please plan on attending.


To all faculty a restful, yet productive summer!