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Faculty Development and Recognition Opportunities for Lecturer (NTT) Faculty

I’ve been very interested in providing faculty development and recognition opportunities for the hard work of our Lecturer (NTT) faculty. I’m happy to announce that CAS now has an entire “package” together that consists of the following four components:

• Promotion: a system for advancement across CAS from Lecturer to Advanced Lecturer to Senior Lecturer is now in place. There are a few loose ends to tie up in some departments, but this is essentially ready to go. For details, please inquire with chairs. If a Lecturer is eligible for promotion and would like to apply, I am happy to extend the deadline by which application materials need to be in the Dean’s Office to Jan. 15, 2014.
• Faculty Development Funds: as I have announced previously, faculty development funds for conference/workshop travel are available to Lecturers as long as the travel relates to the teaching responsibilities as a Lecturer and other duties. Lecturers should initially ask their departmental chairperson to support the request. If no departmental support is possible or the support does not fully cover the request, route your request to my office as a Supplemental Travel Request by Sept. 1 (first round that covers the time period from Sept. 1 to June 30) or by January 15 (second round that covers the time period from January 15 to Sept. 1. The form is available at http://www.luc.edu/cas/faculty_resources.shtml.
• Liebentritt Faculty Development Opportunity for Lecturers: as part of faculty development, Lecturers may apply for a course reduction in a given semester in order to develop a new course or program beyond what would normally be expected. This opportunity is meant to recognize programmatic initiatives in interdisciplinary teaching and/or in making a unique contribution to the CAS curriculum. The course reduction comes with a $1,000-$1500 stipend. This opportunity is made possible through the generosity of Don Liebentritt, CAS Alumnus in Political Science (1972). For more details go to: http://www.luc.edu/media/lucedu/cas/pdfs/CAS%20Course%20Load%20Policy.pdf.
• Paid Faculty Development Leave for Lecturers: this leave for a semester (or 3 or 4 course reductions spread over an academic year) may be granted to create innovative new courses, programs, minors or tracks within existing majors, or to launch significant advances and changes in current curricula, with a preference given to interdisciplinary curriculum development. Such a leave may include formal training to enhance expertise, skills, and competencies related to teaching and mentorship as well as the use of current and emerging technologies in and out of the classroom for the explicit purpose of improving teaching and mentorship. For a fuller description go to http://www.luc.edu/cas/faculty_resources.shtml.

I invite Lecturers to take advantage of these opportunities!