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Loyola CS faculty Dr. Chandra N. Sekharan coauthored a book on Data Structures Featuring C++

Please join me in congratulating my colleague Dr. Chandra N. Sekharan on the publication of his book

Data Structures Featuring C++: A Programmer’s Perspective

Dr. Sekharan joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences in 1993, was a founding member of the Department of Computer Science created in 2002, and chaired the department from 2005 to 2012.

Dr. Sekharan has taught many courses in computer science at both undergraduate and graduate levels. His recent focus in teaching has been on introducing concepts of parallel computing in the CS2 course at Loyola (COMP 271). He has published extensively in IEEE and ACM conferences and journals in the areas of parallel computation, graph algorithms and mobile networking.

via Tumblr http://blog.cs.luc.edu/post/48830254861