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On-line Courses

As hesitant as many of us might be regarding on-line education, CAS is not going to get around moving toward more on-line course offerings, all the while trying our best to maintain the values of a transformative education. So let us start a college-wide discussion of this important process so that we can have a significant influence on the results. I encourage all departments to have a discussion about “best practices” in on-line education. They might evolve around the following five themes:

  • student capabilities and responsibilities;
  • faculty capabilities and responsibilities;
  • quality considerations;
  • technology support;
  • planning and administration.

I will also be taking this discussion to the College Leadership Council (all Chairs and Interdisciplinary Program Directors) and the Academic Council.

To get you thinking about this topic, here’s good and short read from The Chronicle of Higher Education: http://chronicle.com/article/Dont-Confuse-Technology-With/133551/. (A special thanks to Paul Moser, Chair of Philosophy, for sending me this article.)