Ralph Arnold Fine Arts Annex

The Ralph Arnold Fine Arts Annex is located at 1131 W. Sheridan Road.

The annex is named after Ralph Arnold (1928-2006), former Chicago artist and chairman of Loyola’s Fine Arts department.  With a storefront-style gallery space, a ceramics studio, a metals studio, a sculpture studio, and a dance studio, the Ralph Arnold Fine Arts Annex serves as a combination exhibition and work space for students and faculty.  Throughout the year, the gallery space also hosts several visual arts exhibitions featuring the work of Loyolans, but also that of local and national artists.

Please note that for our exhibitions there will be both Loyola Community Hours and Public Hours.

During Loyola Community Hours, the Ralph Arnold Gallery will not be staffed and thus a Loyola ID is required to enter the building. The gallery will be open for viewing with ID access from 8 AM – 10 PM daily.

During Public Hours, the Ralph Arnold Gallery will be staffed and open for public viewing from 12 – 4 PM on specified days. You can also call The Box Office to schedule a separate viewing appointment.

We’d also like to make visitors aware that some exceptions to the parameters listed above may arise depending on the day and show in question. Please refer to the current exhibition’s event page for more information about any forthcoming irregularities.

If you run into any issues, please call The Box Office at 773.508.8400 or the DFPA Main Office at 773.508.3830 during office hours between 10 – 6 PM.

For more information about this space, feel free to contact the gallery at ArnoldGallery@luc.edu or 773.508.7510.