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Brigadoon at The Goodman

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2E727FD4D-A136-4450-A5F215A541A55234When two American tourists get lost on vacation in Scotland, they stumble into Brigadoon, a mythical village that appears for only one day every 100 years. No outsider can stay unless they fall in love, and no resident can ever leave or the village will vanish forever. But when on traveler falls for a village girl, he is forced to choose between returning to the world that he knows—or taking a chance on life and love in the mysterious Brigadoon.

The mystical and moving Brigadoon opens tomorrow night and will run through August 10. Visit the official website to purchase tickets and witness a musical treat sure to sweep you off of your feet. 

Funky Fresh: How to survive your Freshmen year without smelling funky

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LogoSixth Piece of Advice: Know your dining options

One of my pet peeves is people who complain about dining hall food. Seriously, take your tummy woes and shove it. That may sound harsh, but be appreciative of having a) food to eat and b) a variety of options. I admit, dining halls have their ups and downs, but you’re getting fed in one way or another. Over the course of your time at Loyola, you’ll come to realize which dining establishments are your favorites and which are the most useful. My advice is to try them all at least once and decide for yourself. You’ll start to pick up on routines (i.e. Simpson dining for lunch, Damen dining for dinner).

During the first couple of months of school, when it’s still warm outside, eat your little hearts out at all of the locations around campus. When it gets to be winter, you are not going to want to walk more than 20 feet to go get food. Therefore, you’ll resort to whatever’s closest to you. While it’s warm outside, explore your options!

I’ve compiled a nice chart for you all that gives the pros, cons, and fun facts about all of the dining options. Thank me later.

  Location Pros Cons Fun Facts
Simpson Dining
  • Omelet Station during breakfast hours
  • Cheesy Bread!
  • Not a ton of variety
  • The tables are really close together
  • Closes early
  • Oldest dining establishment on campus
Damen Dining
  • Great stir-fry station!
  • Prettysolid sandwich station
  • Confusing layout
  • Inconvenient cereal location
  • Attached to Damen Student Center and is across from Halas Fitness Center…You could probably spend your whole day in that one building if you had the urge
de Nobili Dining
  • Made-to-order pasta, sandwiches, and pizza
  • Has a green room (separate room that has a lot of light)
  • Has a Late Night option (8pm-11pm) for those of who want a nighttime snack
  • Other than the made-to-order stations, there’s limited options
  • Opens late in the morning
  • Newest Loyola dining hall
  • Has very funky furniture
Center Stage Cafe
  • Good place to grab a coffee in between classes
  • The line can get SUPER long and crowd up Mundelein
  • Very wide variety of Coca Cola products
Connections Cafe
  • Great place to grab coffee when you’re studying
  • Great view of the lake
  • Pricy!
  • Limited options
  • It has TV’s in there
Damen Food Court
  • Inside the Damen Student Center
  • Many food and drink options
  • Open til 1 AM during the school year
  • They have this cool candy machine thingy
  • Very popular and can get crowded…not a good place if you want to eat in peace alone
  • They have 4 different eateries with a variety of food
Engrained Cafe
  • Super-duper eco-friendly
  • Provides locally grown food
  • Odd location (it’s difficult to get inside)
  • All of the furniture is made from recycled materials
Lu’s Deli
  • You can still use your All-Access Meal Plan there!
  • They have awesome sandwiches and home-made chips
  • It gets SUPER crowded on weekdays during lunch time. Everyone who has a downtown class goes there for lunch
  • It has a lounge in their basement with lots of seating options, TV’s and BOARD GAMES!
Nina’s Cafe
  • Good place to get coffee when you an early morning Downtown class
  • You can still use your All-Access Meal Plan
  • The salad line takes FOREVER
  • They offer gluten free pizza
Southside Market
  • Inside Simpson
  • You can get packaged foods, baking needs, produce, and snacks (pretty much the catch-all for dining services)
  • There are limited brand options
  • I’m not sure I trust that their fresh produce is actually fresh
  • SUPER expensive
  • They have a supply of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free foods


Short blurb: The birth of Whole Foods along with the constant necessity for fad dieting has caused the death of gluten. Many people are saying ‘sayonara’ to wheat products and taking on an anti-glutenous lifestyle.  For those of you who have made the ill-decision to swear off gluten and miss out on all those delicious carbs, don’t worry. Loyola Dining Services has something for everyone. Damen Dining provides gluten-free chicken tenders if you ask an employee behind the meat station. De Nobili can provide gluten-free pasta and pizza. The only reason I know that is because I have a friend who is anti-glutenous. I’m more in favor of packing in as many glutenous carbohydrates my body can manage. But I guess we all have our preferences.

Free Online Drawing Classes

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full_4802_figure-drawing-atelier-1379089481126Come one, come all! Don’t miss your window to participate in the opportunity of a lifetime as celebrated artist Patricia Watwood  teaches a FREE online drawing course on realism and the human form. In Figure Drawing: An Essential Guide , your previous experience, or lackthereof, will not be a factor. Every student will be able to further study classical techniques and sharpen their skills in creating expressive figure studies with depth and dimensionAs a bonus, Watwood will show you how to create custom toned papers to add a unique touch to your work!


Patricia Watwood earned her MFA from the New York Academy of Art, and went on to teach there and in workshops across the country. Her paintings focus on mythology, allegory and contemporary human life, and have twice landed the cover of American Artist magazine in addition to several galleries worldwide. With Watwood’s guidance, students will learn skills such as arranging a compelling composition, setting up optimal lighting and poses for your subject, creating an accurate outline of your model, developing bold contours and confident lines, creating contrast and dimension, and completing a finished work with movement and polish.

The lessons are available online any time and your access to the class never expires, so you can return again and again to continue your studies! What are you waiting for? Go check it out!