SHE LOVES ME: A Marvelous Musical in the Making


In the musical She Loves Me, no one is sure how to recognize love at first glance. Some characters realize the love they thought they had was a mere illusion, while others find that their contentious relationship was really love the whole time. But don’t worry – just because there may be no such thing as love at first sight for the people in this story doesn’t mean that will be the case for you, the audience member. It’s hard not to fall in love with She Loves Me right away, as the numerous musical and film adaptations of this story attest.

Why does this story remain so popular? This was just one of the questions we asked Director Sarah Gabel, who is hard at work preparing to bring this show to the Loyola stage in just a few weeks. Check out our exclusive interview with her to find out more about the appeal of this show, and how Loyola’s actors will bring it to life. Prepare to get excited about She Loves Me – or maybe even fall in love with it at first glimpse.  

She Loves Me opens April 15th in the Newhart Family Theatre. It will run through April 24, with performances at 7:30PM Thursdays- Saturdays, and at 2:00PM on Sundays. Discounted tickets are also available for the preview of the show on April 14. For more information, and to purchase tickets, please click here.

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welcome to columbinus

First Rehearsal - P/C Montana Bruns

First Rehearsal – P/C Montana Bruns

Hello, community!

My name is Kyle J McCloskey. I am the Director of Loyola’s upcoming Second Stage show, columbinus. I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to present a series of blog posts surrounding the play, events, and themes of columbinus before we open in late April.

The first question you’re probably wondering is: why would anyone want to do a play about the Columbine Massacre?

This play, first and foremost, tries to paint a holistic picture of the circumstances leading up to the massacre, as well as try to shine a light on the structure and foibles of high school life in America. PJ Paparelli, one of the original writers and directors of columbinus, refers to the play as “a theatrical discussion.” That discussion, about the nature of anxiety, depression, violence, youth, bullying, guns, mental health, and so much more, is what initially drew me to the play.

Paparelli and his collaborator, Stephen Karam (The Humans, Sons of the Prophet, Speech and Debate) were highly influenced by Bertolt Brecht and the Epic Theatre. Brecht’s aesthetic and mission was to look at society on the whole and how the choices we make or leave define who we are. Brecht’s theatre was that of a theatre of understanding and teaching. It Brecht’s Epic Theatre, rather then asserting preconceived notions of why we think something happened, we are expected to spectate and examine a more holistic explanation as to why something happened. From there, we are expected to be driven to action and to hold discourse on the events and the state of the society that unfolded before us. The hope of Epic Theatre is to bring that discussion into our own society and incite change. Read more

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Showcase For Winds


Loyola University is hosting the Showcase for Winds coming up soon on March 31st! Loyola’s Wind Ensemble will be putting on a must-see showcase with a surprise guest.  Accompanying our Wind Ensemble will be the Fresno Pacific University Symphonic Band, hailing all the way from California! Each of the two ensembles will be performing their set pieces as well as a phenomenal collaboration piece directed by Northwestern University’s Director of Bands, Dr. Mallory Thompson. Conductors for the performance will be Loyola’s own Frederick Lowe and Erik Leung.  With works by Dana Wilson, William Schuman, Alfred Reed, David Maslanka, Percy Grainger, Eric Whitacre and Dmitri Shostakovich will also being performed at the showcase, it’s sure to be a stellar event!

This show will take place Thursday, March 31 2016 at 7:30 PM, in Mundelein Auditorium.  Also admission is FREE, so come out and support Loyola’s Wind Ensemble and experience the unique collaboration and these talented musicians.

For more information, check out the Facebook event here!

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