Dos Experiencias, Una Identidad: René Arceo Prints

Rene Arceo in KRAFT GalleryRené Arceo is a Chicago Public Schools art educator, lecturer and influential printmaker whose artistic perspective continues to resonate across generations. Born in Mexico, Arceo spent his teenage years in Guadalajara and crossed into the U.S. in 1979, eventually settling in Chicago. He reached his artistic maturity in the printing medium of linocuts while working at graphics workshops. Printmakers such as Alfredo Zalce, Alberto Beltran and Leopoldo Mendez as well as muralists Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, Fernando Leal and Xavier Guerrero were noted as touchstones for the development of Arceo’s artistic direction.

rene_hugo_arceoIn his upcoming exhibition, this bold artist focuses on his most visually captivating works, addressing themes of spirituality, portraiture and indigenous peoples in several ways. Arceo believes that, as an artist and member of society, one has the duty of responding to current social, economic and/or political accounts and events in a non-dogmatic fashion. As he does so in the majority of his pieces, Arceo sees illustrating human, social, and sometimes political commentaries through art not a replacement of,”but rather in addition to, expressing other universal concerns and feelings and artistic explorations”.

Located at the National Museum of Mexican ArtDos Experiencias, Una Identidad: René Arceo Prints  is FREE and open to the public until July 12. Click here for more information!

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Before You Kick the Kettle



Hello fellow Ramblers! Jaela, here. I am so stoked to be back with you guys for another fun summer series!

As I enter my final stretch in the land of Magis and morning classes, I must admit I’ve been feelin’ a little saddened by this, the end of an era. I guess I shouldn’t expect any of you to have read any of the lame-ish posts I’ve made in the past. But, if you happened to stumble across any of my wise words, you might remember my opinions on the real meaning of college.

In my eyes, the growth you experience when staying up until 5 AM finishing a research project is all fine and dandy–and don’t get me wrong, I can discuss Marxist Theory and cognitive distortions all day. But, when it’s all said and done, the most important lessons are learned through the laughs, tears, trials, tribulations, and the overarching experience you actively cultivate.

My goal this summer is to provide you upperclassmen with a bucket list of sorts: things to do or understand as ramblin’ man/woman before you go off spinning in to adult-ness. Hopefully, you will then know EXACTLY how to ensure you’ve taken advantage of all Loyola and this beautiful city has to offer you. Complete with personal accounts, quotes, videos, poems, tips, the occasional animal sacrifice and some other fun tid-bits, this series should be just the push you need to start milkin’ this amazing experience for all it’s got.

I look forward to our time together and I’ll see you guys next week! 😀

Lord, I was born a Rambler, man. 

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LUC Dance Theatre in Vietnam

Loyola is celebrating the arts over 8,000 miles away in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. As a part of Loyola’s study abroad program, Vietnam holds a unique opportunity for students to learn about the social and cultural aspects of a country across the world. This awesome video presents “Cloudburst” by Eric Whitacre performed by the International Choir and Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City, featuring Loyola’s very own Dance Theatre. Artistic director Brian Riedlinger and orchestra director Ian Alexander present a truly moving performance that has both fellow Ramblers and Vietnamese natives feeling inspired.

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