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Are you ready for the 24 hour Theatre Project? We sure are! We have been counting down the days until its arrival, and now, its right over the horizon. Join us for the first theatre production of the season and reserve your tickets for Read more

Miles to Empty

Miles to Empty is approaching fast! With it, sculptor Shannon Goff reconstructs archaic yet classic forms to inspire a conversation about the present. Get all the info about it here, and make sure to attend the Read more

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We know you're all shaking with excitement to find out what our next mainstage performances will be! Dry your eyes and get pumped because soon we will present the following plays and musicals in the Newhart Family Theatre: Proof | SEPT 25 - OCT 5, 2014 Directed Read more

Interview with artist Shannon Goff

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shannon goffOur first exhibition of the 2014-2015 season is a big one! Miles to Empty  asks viewers to re-examine American society’s fixations on power, luxury, convenience, and autonomy in the form on the classic 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V automobile. Artist Shannon Goff has recreated the classic out of cardboard.

Click here for an exclusive interview with the artist, and don’t miss the opening reception of Miles to Empty on September 4th!

Now What?: Study Spots

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Spilling_the_beans8. Studying: A Good Environment Can Change Your Life 

I am about to spill the most delicious pot of beans ever to be cooked. Realize this intelligence is for your eyes only, friends. So don’t go passing out this invaluable information to just anyone. I also suppose you could say publishing said secrets on a public website might not be the smartest idea, but it makes perfect sense as long as you don’t think about it.

Anywho, the following post is going to clue all you second years in on some of the best study spots on campus.You might have been too busy acclimating yourself to the college life last year to think about such an important element of academics. However, there is no need to fret because, as usual, I have come to rescue. Finding a good place to study could mean the difference between a ‘D’ and an ‘A-’ on your next exam. Here is a list of some awesome locations to study. Try some out and see what works for you.

The IC - You, and all the rest of your classmates, have most likely done your work here a time or two last year. And why not? It has study rooms, a kick-butt view, and tables to spare.Well, if you would like to remain basic, by all means, continue your studies in this fine building.  I may just be another unfortunate hipster, but the IC was never my cup of joe. People tend to terrify me, so I steer clear of deathly populated areas such as the infamous Information Commons around finals. Nevertheless, if you have found success studying here, might as well not tamper with a regimen already proven to work.

Cudahy LibraryThis area is a bit more manageable than the IC, I would wager. However, that still too much human presence for my liking. On the other hand, Cudahy Library is still a decent study spot because the phrase “silence is golden” is really taken to heart here. Be sure not to drop any pens and refrain from coughing or breathing too loudly. Death stares are sure to come your way.

people_studyingThe Lake - Depending on the time of year, the outdoors can be a prime location for studying. Chicago is not well-known for it’s sunshine a rainbows, as you may be well aware of. I would suggest making good use of the beautiful lakefront on the edge of our campus of which we have unrestrained access to. Sit in the Echo Spot near Madonna della Strada and study away.

Mundelein Palm Court – The Palm Court is one of the newest additions accompanying Mundelein’s  resent renovations. Its a gorgeous room fully equipped with a relaxing ambiance and high rise view of the campus. As long as there are no receptions being held, head up here to get cracking on those books.

Mundelein Greenhouse - You could say the Greenhouse on the 7th floor was the original Palm Court, everyone was in here wither studying or napping at one point. And we should never give up on the classics!

ANYWHERE in Mundelein – As I started compiling this list, I quickly realized that pretty much anywhere in Mundelein is a good place to study. the Greenhouse and Palm Court may be the most official, but there is a common room across from the Cafe on the 1st floor, the computer lab on the 7th floor, the ominous 14th floor that is almost always vacant, or, if you are feeling sassy, pop a squat on a bench on any given level in the building and hop to it.

Crown CenterThere are comfy seating areas on the first two floors of the building that can serve as great study locations after hours.

Cuneo- There are some seating areas on most floors in the building and the classrooms are open for use after academic hours.

2nd Floor of Damen- If a steady stream of throwbacks and catchy tracks won’t distract you as successfully as it would I, then this could be the place for you.

Parks - There are a couple of parks within the surrounding area of our campus and they are not just for the kids anymore. College kids can also have a balast studying there! I don’t mean to squander the innocence of parks with the tainting powers of studying, but these locations come with some stellar views and a built in study break with monkey bars and swing sets.

Coffee Shops – If you accept your hipster-ness, come join your people at any coffee shop in the area. Metropolis, Cafe Descartes and Starbucks are some examples. And if you are really hell bent on branding yourself  as a hipster, sit in Subway for study time. It’s open 24/7 now and is the perfect location to pick up a Five Dolllar Footlong, coincidentally.

 If none of these spots are hitting the spot, then feel free to remain in a dormant state like me as you stay in your rooms for study hours. ;)

Hope you learned a lot about study scenes and I’ll see you next week! :)

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Grammer is for Loosers

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It’s time to ignore everything your English teachers ever taught you. From grammar aficionados to the grammatically-impaired, Bad Grammar Theater’s new reading series will appeal to all.

At Powell Books, Bad Grammar Theater will be hosting a reading series starting July 18 which will feature Chicago authors in horror, fantasy, science, and more. The reading extravaganza goes from 6-9 PM, but anyone is welcome to stop in for however long they want. Ergo, if you find yourself meandering over by Powell Books on July 18, pop in for some quick and exciting reads.

If you have any more inquiries about Bad Grammar Theater, or maybe you’re just looking for someone to edit you paper, contact Brendan Detzner at for more information.