Day of the Gypsy

c700x420Are you looking to escape the chilly city and maybe venture back to the sultry jazz age during this stressful season? Look no further than the Harris Theater for Music Dance as RPM Productions proudly presents the world premiere of Day of the Gypsy.

With choreography by Ruth Page Award winner Gordon Perice Schmidt, this immersion within the Gypsy Jazz scene will captivate your attention as soon as the curtain rises. The performance is a series of magical misadventures that entangle the hearts of a Gypsy girl and an average Joe.

The award winning design team features the following: Yumelia Garcia, Randy Herrera, Jennifer Goodman and Tom Mattingly as featured dancers, as well as live accompaniment by Grammy winner John Jorgenson and the John Jorgenson Quintet.

Performances will be held on Saturday, November 21 at 7:30PM and Sunday, November 22 at 3:00PM. Get your tickets today, and don’t miss the magic!

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Andean Art at the Institute

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 4.54.55 PMIs the cost of college getting you down and stopping you from adventuring the world? Yeah you can study abroad, but if you’re like me, you can’t handle not seeing your family for more than a day. I have the answer for us adventurers-at-heart who can’t seem to travel far enough for the exploration we seek. Through February 21st, 2016, the Art Institute of Chicago will have a gallery dedicated to Andean Art of the Spanish Empire.

Curated with 14 pieces and related paper works from the Viceregal Period, the gallery will introduce visitors to what life in the Spanish-governed Andes was like from the 1600-1800’s. With Chicago Artists such as Marilynn and Carl Thoma, the gallery will have a tour with biographies on each work so the visitors can get more in-depth looks of what it was like to be living during that period. The tour is bilingual and if you download the “Closer” app from the iTunes App Store, you can see additional slide shows, videos, and materials, for insight into the artwork.

This event is FREE so head over to the Art Institute anytime before February 21st and travel back in time to the history of the Spanish Empire and Andes!

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Animal Art Galore

Fluffy puppies! Adorable kittens! Fuzzy bunnies! And…ferocious jungle cats? Have I gotten your attention yet? We share the earth with many fantastical creatures, and in this city, we’re lucky enough to have access to zoos so we can appreciate them in much closer quarters. And while admiring baby otters from behind the glass is an interesting experience all its own, many people treasure animals in another way: art.

Best in Show is an exhibition featuring multiple artists, all striving to capture the essence of the animals they’ve individually chosen as inspiration. Kate Hoyer‘s collection of pinstriped dogs seems simply psychedelic, but the emotion in each dog’s eyes reveals the carefree, loving energy they possess. Romanian Ilie Vaduva created a new technique with ink and oil paint with the sole purpose of depicting the majesty of the eagle. Through mediums ranging from oil paint to sculpture, each artist has found their own way to appreciate their respective subjects. So no matter what side of the dog/cat debate you’re on, there’ll certainly be a piece for you.

The gallery runs through January 10 at Jackson Junge Gallery. Admission is free, so enjoy!

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