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Six films by Hou Hsiao-Hsien

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goodmenThe Gene Siskel Film Center presents “Six Films by Hsiao-Hsien” a collection of rarely shown films by the acclaimed Taiwanese director. His work revolves around the the dilemma of his generation and of the footloose and alienated youth, those who have a past with no future.

The collection features Good Men, Good Women, The Puppetmaster, Flowers of Shanghai, Dust in the Wind, A Time to Live and A Time to Die and Millennium Mambo. The film festival continues through May 13. Showtimes and ticket can be viewed here.


My Mom’s a Rock Star!

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IMG_9701Madre, Mére, Màna, Mutter, Ma– no matter how you say it, moms rock. See that picture up there? That’s my rockin’ Mom, Pam. Pam is always there for me, from calling on a regular basis, to helping me out with groceries, to making sure I’m still mentally stable after the psychological stresses of college life. Pam is my very own super hero, and I’m always looking for ways to make her proud.

If you have a wonderful mother like Pam, what better way to honor her than a “My Mom’s a Rock Star!” contest?! Vivid Seats wants everyone with a rockin’ mom to write about how she inspires you. Winners of the essay competition will receive up to $1,000 towards the theatre tickets of their choice and extra love and appreciation from their mother!

To enter, think long and hard about how your mom rocks, shoot a 1-2 minute video about it, or take a picture of her and describe her in 100 words or less. Submissions will be accepted until May 3, and finalists will be decided by Tuesday, May 5, so start your preparations now!

For more information regarding this competition, click here!

*Mother’s love not guaranteed.



100 Faces of War

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Courtesy of: National Veterans Art Museum

Most of us have not had to serve in combat thanks to the many individuals out there that risk their lives for us each day. Sure we have Veteran’s Day to remember these courageous people, but we shouldn’t just be recognizing them on that day. Each and every day, we ought to be grateful for those who have and are currently putting their lives up for us. To help recognize the heroic acts of our veterans, artist Matt Mitchell painted 100 Faces of War Experience: Portraits and Words of Americans Who Served in Iraq and Afghanistan. These portraits of post 9-11 veterans will be displayed at the National Veterans Art Museum until May 1. Be sure to check it out! More information can be found here.